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 +As a slayer, you have a decent working knowledge of your mark, from experience and research, you know their natural strengths, weaknesses, and habits. Sure, the occasional unique, random, or oddball may throw you for a loop, but a standard mark will rarely take you by surprise, and the indications of their presence stand out to you like a sore thumb. You likely have a reputation from your past career, and whether it is good or bad, people know you are a slayer, and that you have survived at least this long. People are likely to come to you with jobs to deal with a threat they believe is in your area of expertise. Now, most people are pretty ignorant about the supernatural dangers of the world, so they are often wrong, but even so much as telling them it's something else may be enough to calm their fears. (Unless it's something worse. Nobody wants to know the ghost in the basement is actually seven liches summoning a demonic prince.)
-**Feature: Heart of Darkness** \\ +Furthermore,​ because ​you are an expert on the subjectpeople are more likely ​to believe ​you when you make assertions about it(When a vampire slayer shouts, "Get outside NOW! You'll be safer in the sunlight!" ​you tend to listen ​to him.) Being an expertpeople who fear your mark are likely ​to feel reassured and secure in your presencemaking it easier to find shelter and allies in places ​facing ​a threat from your mark.
-Those who look into your eyes can see that you have faced unimaginable horror and that you are no stranger to darkness. Though they might fear youcommoners will extend you every courtesy and do their utmost ​to help you. Unless ​you have shown yourself ​to be a danger ​to themthey will even take up arms to fight alongside youshould you find yourself ​facing ​an enemy alone.+
 I live for the thrill of the hunt I live for the thrill of the hunt
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