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-Proffessor ​Stem \\ +=====Professor ​Stem===== 
-  *[[Character:​Stem:​Personality & Story]] +
-  *[[Character:​Stem:​Raw stats and Details]] +
-   +
-**Session Story**+
-Stem joined a small motley group of characters transporting simple supplies. +[[user:​sam|{{:​wiki:​media:​back.png?65|}}]]
-He had hoped it would lead to further discoveries for his research which it did.+
-When they arrived ​in [[town:​Sestone]] Stem had an aphifiny. +[[character:​stem:​inventory|{{:​wiki:​media:​backpack.png?​65|}}]] [[character:​Stem:​Spells|{{:​wiki:​media:​spells.png?​65|}}]] [[character:​stem:​stats|{{:​wiki:​media:​stats.png?​65|}}]] [[secret:​Stem|{{:​wiki:​media:​secrets.png?​65|}}]] 
-Saving the mutated man gave him an idea.+ 
 +**[[character:​stem:​class|Class]]:​** Deep Storm Kraken (Tome Warlock, Storm Sorcerer) \\ 
 +**Sessions:​** Rise Of Narkul, Land Of Exilis \\ 
 +**Background:​** Professor/ Teacher ​ \\ 
 +**Alingment:​** Neutral Evil \\ 
 +**[[Character:​Stem:​Race|Race]]:​** Mutant Triton \\ 
 +**Physical Details** \\ 
 +-Gender: Male \\ 
 +-Age:  \\ 
 +-Height: 160cm (200cm With Hat) \\ 
 +-Weight: 47kg \\ 
 +-Complexion:​ Aqua/​turquoise flesh \\ 
 +-Hair color: N/A \\ 
 +-Eye Color: green/blue \\ 
 +**Brief description** \\ Stem is a giant eyeball with lots of tendrils protruding from the base of it. His Anatomy doesn'​t make since from a logical standpoint however when you think about the Old God's influence none of it makes since either. 
 +**[[character:​stem:​biography|Personality & Story Quirks, Likes, Flaws]]** \\ 
 +Stem is surprisingly easy to start convosation with and will happily chat about topics of interest to him such as magic, dreams, gods, studies and magic items. \\ Stem lacks empathy and displays strong signs of moral insanity. He has no care for how others are feeling and lacks compassion for other life, it is unknown if this behavior was brought on by the Old God's influence or merely enhanced by it. \\ Stem dose take pride in his university and studies however and is eager to share his knowledge to his students no matter how deep it goes. He attaches himself to certain '​prized'​ students he finds have a natural curiosity for the unknown and guides them down the sane twisted path he is on.  
 +Outside of all this Professor Stem is seen as somewhat of a hermit by the general population but he has made appearances in public events such as royal parties. Although twisted he still carries a since of gentleman like behavior and pride in proper high strung affairs. \\ Professor Stem is always on the search for magic items. His favoreit type being magic books or tomes, offten stealing Wizard'​s Spell books. 
 +**The Scourge of Mindflayers** \\ 
 +Professor Stem only considers a few creatures as active threats or rivals and that us the mindflayers of the underdark. Stem hates these creatures mostly because ​they are just like him but instead they pursue knowledge just because they can. Rather then what Stem belives is right and pursue knowledge to gain assencion. Mindflayers very existence angers Stem to the point of genocide. // They are nothing more then cretins. Useless undeserving wastes of knowledgeable beings. Its insulting that they abuse and waste the gifts given to them so. I Will drown them all // 
 +====Campaign Hooks==== 
 +**Rise of Narkul** \\ 
 +Professor Stem was out travelling the land of Breton searching for rare magic books when he stumbled into a job offering. Normally Stem doesn'​t lower himself to mere escorting however he was headed ​in the same direction it would be illogical to ignore payment for doing nothing. Stem accepted the task. 
 +[[town:​Sestone]] ​ 
 +**Land Of Exiles** \\ 
 +**Villinos Intentions** \\ Stem received a prestigious invite by an unknown adviserHowever he got his dates mixed up and arrived more then a week late.
-The struggles of researching land based creatures when you are are living underwater is quite a challenge. But this land based creature has been gifted with the ability to live in the water as Stem does. 
-Stem left the group to further pursue this idea. 
-“Perhaps I can spread this gift to all creatures above the sea. Then all I would have to do is flood this land and everything could get along together and my research would be incredible!” 
-[[secret:​Stem|Stem'​s secrets]] 
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