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 ====== Vivacious ====== ====== Vivacious ======
-//Wizard, Friend, Amnesiac.//+//Wizard, Friend, Amnesiac.//\\ 
 +[[user:​kyledot|Kyle'​s Characters]]
 +**Vivacious the Channeller**\\
 +Vic appears around 30 years old, stands 165cm (5'​5“) tall and weighs 70kg (154lb). He has blue skin, brown eyes and dark brown hair. Faded arcane tattoos travel down from right shoulder to forearm, there is also a crude scar/​carving of a tarot card on chest that looked fresh when Vic awoke. Vic's horns start at temples and go backwards and slightly rise upward toward the end, his tail is thin and leg length ending in a small spade shape.
 +Vic has trouble holding or lifting heavier objects for extended amounts of time, his interpersonal aren't the best with only having 2 years of memories and not understanding his past, but despite these he has a basic understanding of social norms.\\
 +He makes up with being light on his foot and ability to make ranged attacks when needed, he is fairly resitant to illness and can take a few more hits before falling compared to his peers. Vivacious excels in his interlect, often being able to find answers where others cannot. ​
 +===== History =====
 +==== Pre Campaign ====
 +==== The Promised Archipelago ====
 +===== Stats =====
 ^  Vivacious ​                                                                                                                                                                   |||||||| ^  Vivacious ​                                                                                                                                                                   ||||||||
 ^ Name           | Vic                                                                    ^ Player ​  | Kyle                              ^ Race    | Male Tiefling ​ ^ Level  | 3       | ^ Name           | Vic                                                                    ^ Player ​  | Kyle                              ^ Race    | Male Tiefling ​ ^ Level  | 3       |
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