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3D Miniature Models - Mar2019 - From mz4250 Patreon
HeroForge $10USD download

Campaign 1
Name Gender Race Main Class Progress
Caelynn Female High Elf Ranger Printed
Bob Male Cat - Printed
Ironhide Male Gnome Paladin Printed
Unnamed ??? Griffon - Printed
Ray ??? Corgi Fighter Printed
Rosalina Female Assamir Fighter Printed
Souno Male Tabaxi Ranger Printed
Teo Male Custom Rogue -
Gaze Male Custom - -
Victoria Female Half Elf Cleric Printed
Demaratos Male Human Warlock Printed
Chain Pact ??? ??? - -
Jorgan Male Human Rogue Printed
Campaign 3
Name Gender Race Main Class Progress
John Smith Male Draconic Angel Dragon Rider -
Saphira Female Dragon - -
Zonatar Female Orc Barbarian Printed
Robert Male Human Cleric Printed
Lekgolo Male Warforged Barbarian Printed
Venenum Amicus Male Kobold Warlock Printed

C3 End Scene


Name Gender Race Weapon Progress
John Smith Male Draconic Angel Sword
Saphira Female Dragon -
Zonatar Female Orc Hammer
Robert Male Human Spells
Lekgolo Male Warforged Giant Axe
Venenum Amicus Male Kobold ???
Stem Male ??? -
Delta Female Tabaxi Demon Dual swords
Remington ??? Owl -

Print without base or cut off and glue to dock
Flying characters on clear stands

Scene Zonatar lies dead in the water, hammer sinking and Delta's lantern sunken nearby
Blood stains the water and dock
Lekgolo leaping into the air just before hitting one of the seals
Johm and Saphira flying towards end of dock
Robert running towards the end of dock
Stem and Delta are trying to stop Lekgolo
Remington is in small form near Delta
Amicus on the shore
Easter Egg? scarecrow in water under dock or seal circle

Scale 5ft:1“
Total 100ft:20” x 40ft:8“
-Water 90ft:18” x 40ft:8“
-Sand 10ft:2” x 40ft:8“
Dock 70ft:14” x 10ft:2“
Seals 20ft:4” x 20ft:4“

Dock Main -
Dock Alt. -
Water -
Seals - Custom
Delta's Lantern - Custom/Copy from Robert model

Water: Grey
Sand: White
Seals: ???


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