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 ==== Black List ==== ==== Black List ====
-Black list is a massive underground thief and Assassin guild that spans across Reton and Covania, it is incredibly secretive ​and powerful but keeps all its dealings in small amounts, you only know of Back List if you already know about itits a place for the prideful criminal to restgather information ​and take jobs. \\ If you want an unsavory job carried out, Put it on the Black List.+Black list is a massive underground thief and Assassin guild that spans across Reton and Covania. \\ [[faction:​Black_List|Read more...]] 
 +====The Nation of Elborza==== 
 +The Hellish SinGora are a race of noble and powerful ​eagle creatures that are almost as ancient as the dragons ​but far more civilized then even the nobelest ​of Elves\\ [[faction:​the_nation_of_elborza|Read more...]] 
 +====Cult of Eyes==== 
 +A Twisted cult following One of the Old Gods, Lead by a Trio of Beholders called SharaxVorg and Gomen. Most of their doings are kept hidden and secret however they have been known to take orders from the Lich Queen herself. \\ [[faction:​Watching_eyes|Read more...]]
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 [[faction:​the_forsaken|Read more...]] [[faction:​the_forsaken|Read more...]]
-==== The Chain ==== +==== Knights ​of Palus ====
-A mercenary group of around 300-400 members spread across Mor-Thir. \\ +
-//Based off The Chain of Acheron from MCDM // \\ +
- +
-==== Kights ​of Palus ====+
 A group of Outlawed Dragonborn and Tieflings in the Mulburg Marsh. \\ A group of Outlawed Dragonborn and Tieflings in the Mulburg Marsh. \\
 [[faction:​knights_palus|Read more...]] [[faction:​knights_palus|Read more...]]
-==== Vien ==== +==== Vein ==== 
-Vien is a Moment ​of Blood Hunters. Most officials deny their existence and you may find yourself in hot water if you push further. \\ Vien is what is left of the dishonored practice, ​during the great war thier were hired by Oxtrad as Hunters of some of the most vile and monstrous of Demons to come out of the portal. \\ However after the Portal was closed the Hunters were tricked into hunting down the now outlawed races being told that these creatures were part of the demonic plague\\ The leaders only learned too late and the Conglogermant moved to purge the huntersThose that survived fled into the deepest parts of Harburs Forrest, Dishonored and broken they were thought to have withered away into madness.+A once large and powerful pack of Blood Hunters. \\ 
 +[[faction:​Vein|Read more...]] 
 +==== Blinding Spear & Guiding Spear==== 
 +A small super elite group of Soldiers under the command of Zyllis ​during the Ashlem ​war. \\ [[faction:​Blinding_Spear|Read more...]] 
 ==== Fellowship of the Alicorn ==== ==== Fellowship of the Alicorn ====
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 ===== Families ===== ===== Families =====
 ==== Decota ==== ==== Decota ====
-large diverse family ​with origins rooted in the Nine HellsThey spread through race and generations ​with some members being as old as TimeFollowers ​of the Outer Old God Nyala that watches over the family ​members. The family spans a wide variety of races but they eyes of a Decota ​are always the same. \\ Weather you are a direct blood link or brought in with marriage or adoption all members of the family are treated equally\\+running bloodline ​with Ansestors on both sides of good and Evil\\ The name Decota is closely associated ​with blood, fire and bad luckEvery member ​of the Decota ​family ​is treated equally whether you are related by blood or Law.\\ They have close Association ​with the Old Gods and carry their Mark proudly
 [[character:​decota:​family|Read more...]] [[character:​decota:​family|Read more...]]
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