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 Home of the Celestial Court Home of the Celestial Court
 +**(The Following is a draft and needs confirmation from Kyle)**
 +Home to the greater and lesser gods of the land. they oversee and govern all other realms (As best they can) without causing upset.
 +==== Four Cornerstone Dragons====
 +Great fear of the other realms slowly creped into the court'​s minds and eventually they decided to make an active decision. \\ The gods created 4 grand dragons to go to the 4 corners of Cosmolagy and protect the court from thier greatest fears.
 +**Skidir, The Dark eater** \\
 +Sent to the Abyss to prevent any of its dark creature from swallowing the other realms.
 +**Vicaltreon,​ The Ringed Slayer** \\
 +Sent to at the time Hell to prevent Demons from finding a way into other mortal realms.
 +**Ri, The Reckoner** \\
 +Sent To Arborea to keeps its powers contained and study all it could from the majesty that happens in the realm.
 +**Misiruneay,​ The Pure Radiance** \\
 +Kept to directly guard the court from outside forces.
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