Character Creation

References for example class titles/level, ability score definitions, and average income/expense of jobs and lifestyles

Level Low Magic Standard High Magic
1 → 4 -Normal starting -Normal starting -Normal starting
5 → 10 -Normal starting
-Normal starting
-Normal starting
-One uncommon item
11 → 16 -Normal starting
-One uncommon item
-Normal starting
-Two uncommon items
-Normal starting
-Three uncommon items
-One rare item
17 → 20 -Normal starting
-Two uncommon items
-Normal starting
-Two uncommon items -One rare item
-Normal starting
-Three uncommon items
-Two rare items
-One very rare item
Class Subclass Source
Artificer Alchemist E:RLW pg. 58, TCE p.14
Armorer TCE p.15
Artillerist E:RLW pg. 59, TCE p.17
Battle Smith E:RLW pg. 60, TCE p.18
Barbarian Path of the Battlerager SCAG p.121
Path of the Beast TCE p.24
Path of the Berserker PHB p.49
Path of the Storm Herald XGE p.10
Path of the Totem Warrior PHB p.50
Path of Wild Magic TCE p.25
Path of the Zealot XGE p.11
Bard College of Creation TCE p.28
College of Eloquence TCE p.29
College of Glamour XGE p.14
College of Grandmother's Tales Arcadia Vol.8
College of Lore PHB p.54
College of Springtide Arcadia Vol.2
College of Swords XGE p.15
College of Valor PHB p.55
College of Whispers XGE p.16
Beastheart Ferocious Bond MCDM
Hunter Bond MCDM
Infernal Bond MCDM
Primordial Bond MCDM
Protector Bond MCDM
Blood Hunter Order of the Ghostslayer Matthew Mercer
Order of the Lycan Matthew Mercer
Order of the Profane Soul Matthew Mercer
Order of the Mutant Matthew Mercer
Cleric Arcana Domain SCAG p.125
Avarice Domain Arcadia Vol.5
Death Domain DMG p.96
Forge Domain XGE p.18
Grave Domain XGE p.19
Knowledge Domain PHB p.59
Life Domain PHB p.60
Light Domain PHB p.60
Nature Domain PHB p.61
Order Domain GMGR p.25, TCE p.31
Peace Domain TCE p.32
Tempest Domain PHB p.62
Trickery Domain PHB p.62
Twilight Domain TCE p.34
War Domain PHB p.63
Druid Circle of Dreams XGE p.22
Circle of Spores GMGR p.26, TCE p.36
Circle of the Gilded Arcadia Vol.5
Circle of the Land PHB p.68
Circle of the Moon PHB p.69
Circle of the Shepherd XGE p.23
Circle of Stars TCE p.38
Circle of Wildfire TCE p.39
Fighter Arcane Archer XGE p.28
Banneret/Purple Dragon Knight SCAG p.128
Battle Master PHB p.73
Cavalier XGE p.30
Champion PHB p.72
Echo Knight EGW p.183
Eldritch Knight PHB p.74
Gunslinger Matthew Mercer
Psi Warrior TCE p.42
Rune Knight TCE p.44
Samurai XGE p.31
Shieldbearer Arcadia Vol.20
Illrigger Architect of Ruin MCDM
Painkiller MCDM
Shadowmaster MCDM
Monk Way of the Astral Self TCE p.50
Way of the Drunken Master XGE p.33
Way of the Flesh Arcadia Vol.15
Way of the Four Elements PHB p.80
Way of the Kensei XGE p.34
Way of the Long Death SCAG p.130
Way of the Open Hand PHB p.79
Way of the Sun Soul SCAG p.131, XGE p.35
Way of Mercy TCE p.49
Way of Shadow PHB p.80
Paladin Oath of the Ancients PHB p.86
Oath of Acquisitions Arcadia Vol.5
Oath of Conquest XGE p.37
Oath of the Crown SCAG p.132
Oath of Devotion PHB p.85
Oath of Glory TCE p.53
Oath of Redemption XGE p.38
Oath of the Watchers TCE p.54
Oath of Vengeance PHB p.87
Oathbreaker DMG p.97
Ranger Beast Master PHB p.93
Fey Wanderer TCE p.58
Gloom Stalker XGE p.41
Horizon Walker XGE p.42
Hunter PHB p.93
Monster Slayer XGE p.43
Swarmkeeper TCE p.59
Ranger, Revised Beast Conclave Unearthed Arcana
Hunter Conclave Unearthed Arcana
Deep Stalker Conclave Unearthed Arcana
Rogue Arcane Trickster PHB p.97
Assassin PHB p.97
Inquisitive XGE p.45
Mastermind SCAG p.135, XGE p.46
Phantom TCE p.62
Scout XGE p.47
Soulknife TCE p.63
Swashbuckler SCAG p.135, XGE p.47
Thief PHB p.97
Sorcerer Aberrant Mind TCE p.66
Clockwork Soul TCE p.68
Divine Soul XGE p.50
Draconic Bloodline PHB p.102
Child of the Sun Bloodline Arcadia Vol.2
Shadow Magic XGE p.50
Storm Sorcery SCAG p.137, XGE p.51
Titan Heart Arcadia Vol.1
Wicked Witch Arcadia Vol.8
Wild Magic PHB p.103
The Talent Chronopath MCDM
Maverick MCDM
Metamorph MCDM
Pyrokinetic MCDM
Resopath MCDM
Telekinetic MCDM
Telepath MCDM
Warlock The Archfey PHB p.108
The Celestial XGE p.54
The Fathomless TCE p.72
The Fiend PHB p.109
The Genie TCE p.73
The Great Old One PHB p.109
The Hag Arcadia Vol.8
The Hexblade XGE p.55
The Horned One Arcadia Vol.2
The Undying SCAG p.139
Wizard Bladesinging SCAG p.141, TCE p.76
Chronurgist EGW p.184
Graviturgist EGW p.185
Order of Hibernation Arcadia Vol.2
Order of Scribes TCE p.77
School of Abjuration PHB p.115
School of Conjuration PHB p.116
School of Divination PHB p.116
School of Enchantment PHB p.117
School of Evocation PHB p.117
School of Illusion PHB p.118
School of Necromancy PHB p.118
School of Transmutation PHB p.119
War Magic XGE p.59
Race Subrace Str Dex Con Int Wis Cha Extra Source
Aarakocra +2 +1 Elemental Evil
Aasimar Fallen +1 +2 VGM p.105
Protector +1 +2 VGM p.105
Scourge +1 +2 VGM p.105
Bugbear +2 +1 VGM p.119
Centaur +2 +1 GMGR p.15
Changeling +2 One +1 E:RLW p.17
Dialias +1 +2 Homebrew - Sam
Dragonborn Chromatic/Metallic +2 +1 PHB p.32
Gemstone +2 +1 S&F p.224
Dreamkin Lucidling +2 One +1 Arcadia Vol.3
Sand Speaker +1 +1 +1 Arcadia Vol.3
Somnian +1 One +1 Arcadia Vol.3
Dwarf Hill +2 +1 PHB p.20
Mountain +2 +2 PHB p.20
Duergar +1 +2 SCAG p.104, MTF p.82
Elf High +2 +1 PHB p.23
Wood +2 +1 PHB p.24
Drow +2 +1 PHB p.24
Eladrin +2 +1 MTF p.62
Sea +2 +1 MTF p.63
Shadar-kai +2 +1 MTF p.63
Fey Corgi +1 +2 Homebrew
Firbolg +1 +2 VGM p.106
Genasi Air +1 +2 Elemental Evil
Earth +1 +2 Elemental Evil
Fire +2 +1 Elemental Evil
Water +2 +1 Elemental Evil
Gith Githyanki +2 +1 MTF p.97
Githzerai +1 +2 MTF p.97
Gnome Forest +1 +2 PHB p.37
Rock +1 +2 PHB p.37
Deep +1 +2 SCAG p.115, MTF p.115
Goblin +2 +1 VGM p.119
Goliath +2 +1 VGM p.108
Half-Elf +2 Two +1 PHB p.38
Half-Orc +2 +1 PHB p.40
Halfling Lightfoot +2 +1 PHB p.28
Stout +2 +1 PHB p.28
Ghostwise +2 +1 SCAG p.110
Hobgoblin +2 +1 VGM p.119
Human Standard +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 All humans get magic sense PHB p.29
Variant Two +1 & One feat PHB p.29
Felwinder Two +1 & Nationality Homebrew - Kyle
Kalashtar +2 +1 E:RLW p.29
Kenku +2 +1 VGM p.109
Kobold -2 +2 VGM p.119
Lizardfolk +2 +1 VGM p.111
Loxodon +2 +1 GMGR p.18
Minotaur +2 +1 GMGR p.19
Orc +2 +1 -2 VGM p.120
Eberron +2 +1 E:RLW p.32
Suchus +2 +1 Homebrew - Alex
Shifter Beasthide +1 +2 E:RLW p.34
Longtooth +2 +1 E:RLW p.34
Swiftstride +2 +1 E:RLW p.34
Wildhunt +1 +2 E:RLW p.34
Simic Hybrid +2 One +1 GMGR p.20
Tabaxi +2 +1 VGM p.113
Tiefling - +1 +2 PHB p.42
Baalzebul +1 +2 MTF p.22
Devil's Tongue +1 +2 SCAG p.118
Dispater +1 +2 MTF p.22
Feral +2 +1 SCAG p.118
Fierna +1 +2 MTF p.22
Glasya +1 +2 MTF p.22
Hellfire +1 +2 SCAG p.118
Levistus +1 +2 MTF p.22
Mammon +1 +2 MTF p.22
Mephistopheles +1 +2 MTF p.22
Winged +1 +2 SCAG p.118
Tortle +2 +1 +1 Tortle Package
Triton +1 +1 +1 VGM p.115
Vedalken +2 +1 GMGR p.21
Warforged +2 One +1 E:RLW p.35
Yuan-Ti +1 +2 VGM p.120
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