Potions: Bonus action for self, Action to give to someone else.
Guns: C2 Firearms - Kyle Firearms - C5 Firearms
Carry Weight: Use common sense. Can you really carry 10 weapons, A barrel of apples and an elephant hide?
Criticals: Roll normal dice, add max value of each die and then add normal bonuses.
Eg. Normal=1d6+3. Critical=1d6+6+3

  • Character development. Backstory, revelations, influential action
  • Roleplay development and/or continued roleplay
  • Creative ideas (May not be the right or good idea though)
  • At the end of a session players can vote to give one player inspiration


  • “I've got this” Gain advantage on any roll you make
  • “Now you're in for it” On a successful natural attack turn it into a critical
  • “You don't need that arm” On a natural critical guarantee a lingering injury
  • “Let's do/try that again” Make one extra attack or cast one extra spell
  • “Oh no you don't” make an additional reaction
  • “Not this time” Impose disadvantage on another creature's roll
  • “That looks like it hurt” On a creature's nat 1 on a save guarantee a lingering injury
  • “I know a guy/gal” If in a social predicament you can help turn it in your favour*
  • “Wait, I have an idea” If stuck with a puzzle or problem you can gain a hint or guidance*
  • “No DM, that doesn't happen.” If at least 3 players pool their inspiration and they all agree, they can change the outcome of an event that has just happened or will about to happen^

* Requires roleplay and other methods tried first, eg. “Remember” an old friend who has connections to royalty or criminal underground who knows how to help.
^ Still needs to make logical sense, eg. An enemy wouldn't suddenly cut their own head off.

Death Saves: You must roll and tally successes and failures in secret, a successful medicine check (DC 11) by another creature reveals the status of the dying creature.
In addition Death save failures are only reset on a long rest.

Lingering Injuries: Use standard lingering injuries table. (DMG 272 or Expanded Lingering Injuries)

  • Score a cortical hit that reduces the target to 0hp
  • Score a critical hit on the target*
  • Roll a natural 1 on a saving throw*
  • Score a critical on a paralysed or unconscious creature within 5ft^

* 25% chance of sustaining injury (Roll 1d100, if 25 or under suffer an injury)
^ Attacker can decide to pick an injury from the table

Tattoos: Guide to Magical Tattoos v4
For quick reference tables see Magic Tattoos

Foraging and Brewing:
Kingsmill Materia Medica (Chrome)
Kingsmill Materia Medica (Other)


A Very rough estimate of the amount of troops can be calculated by multiplying the die size by 10 and then +/- 10 either side, eg.



The upkeep of a unit is their cost/season, to purchase a unit it is 10x their cost.
Eg. a unit with a cost stat of 200 will cost 2,000 gold to purchase/train and a further 200 gold per season of upkeep and pay.

Build/Training/Production Times3)
Where the book says number of days divide by 10, that is how many weeks it will take.
Eg. 60 days now becomes 6 weeks.

Custom Units

Gunmen Unit4)
Attack +1 5)
Power +2 6)
Defense +0
Toughness +0
Morale +1
Cost mod +1.75%

Attack +2
Morale +1
Bred for War

Fey Corgi (or other doggos)
Human Variants
Humans Gain an innate ability to tell if there is magic or undead nearby, this comes naturally as goosebumps, hair on neck and arms standing up, etc. Most do not realise what causes it but scholars and magically inclined know of this natural reaction.
Note. You cannot tell direction, distance, school, etc. only that it is there.

Alternate potion names, doesn't change the effects of the item, just naming and application.

Potion AlternateHealingRarity
Healing Tonic 2d4+2 Common
Greater Salve 4d4+4 Uncommon
SuperiorPill 8d4+8 Rare
Supreme Elixir 10d4+20Very Rare

Kyle's Stat creation: For base stats use either standard array7) or point buy.8) Point buy calculator.
If wanting to use rolled stats (4d6 drop lowest) the total value must equal between 65 and 80. For example the standard array totals 72, while point buy varies between 69 and 75.
Stat creation also depends on type of game. long term or serious game use standard or point buy for more fair and balanced characters. short/oneshot or non-serious can use rolls.

Carry Weight (WIP)

S&F 233 The typical Medium Infantry unit is assumed to be 100 soldiers, give or take. A group of 12 knights could be a unit unto themselves, and they would have very good stats indeed, but a very small casualty die
S&F assumes lower average incomes, Felwind incomes are generally higher.
S&F assumes a larger and slower moving nations while Felwind is fairly fast moving.
Similar to Archer units but increased Attack and Power
Archer +0
Archer +1
15, 14, 13, 12, 10, 8
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