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 ======Greendeep====== ======Greendeep======
-//Town// \\ +//Village// \\ 
-Description+Greendeep is the center of trade for a popular local commodity, and is known for its rude populace. An iron-willed ruler demands respect from the populace. There is some tension between the races.
 =====Map===== =====Map=====
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 =====Stats===== =====Stats=====
-**Population:​** ~6,500 \\+**Population:​** ~100 \\
 **Demographics** \\ **Demographics** \\
 Dominant: Humans \\ Dominant: Humans \\
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 =====Locations===== =====Locations=====
-====Shop name==== +====Tavern: Golden Blade==== 
-//​Type// ​\\ +**Falkrunn Eversharp**,​ Female Dwarf ++Details |**Description**:​ She is lean but muscular and is armored in gleaming platemail with gilded edges. A flowing black cape and mantle trimmed with soft tan waves gently in the breeze. Her hair is golden and very short. Her brown eyes are passionate and lively.\\ 
-**Owner** +**Personality:​** She loves justice and goodness and right action. Anyone who does not fulfill this criteria perfectly will no doubt get a lecture from her. She is the most sanctimonious self-righteous Dwarf in existence. She also is a firm believer in the womanly ideal.++\\ 
-Desciption ​\\ +**Description:​** The tavern is a timber framed cabin, with a white tile roof and dwarven-crafted iron furniture. It contains several paintings on the wall and a small stage for performers.  ​\\ 
-Notable items for sale \\+**Specials:​** 
 +  * Ham Steamed Bun with Peaches and a Tankard of Beer (5 sp) 
 +  * Beetroot Casserole with Garden Greens and a Glass of Wine (5 sp) 
 +  * Phoenix Casserole with Rice and a Glass of Vodka (5 sp)
-====Shop name==== +====Blacksmith: Roland'​s Sword==== 
-//​Type// ​\\ +**Roland Abram**, Male Human ++Details |**Description:​** He has a missing left arm. He wears many layers of old clothing at all times. His auburn hair, when down, is lengthy. His blue eyes show the wear and tear of someone lonely with a great burden to carry.\\ 
-**Owner** +**Personality:​** He is business-like. He takes instructions and follows them to the letter. He takes great joy in being the best Blacksmith in town.++\\ 
-Desciption ​\\ +**Description:​** The blacksmith is a plaster single storey building, with a white tile roof and overgrown hedges. It contains large persian rugs on the floor and a forge in the shape of a dragon'​s mouth.\\ 
-Notable items for sale \\+**Specials:​** 
 +  * Ammunition, +1 (dmg 150) (23 gp) 
 +  * Chain Shirt (phb 145) (47 gp) 
 +  * Shield (phb 145) (9 gp)
-Store typesTavernInnBlacksmithAlchemist, Jeweler, Enchanter, General, Stables, Tanner, Tailor, Temple, and Adventurer+====General ​Store: ​The Crate and Basilisk==== 
 +**Heather Melancon**Female Human.++Details |**Description:​** The woman speaks with an almost imperceptible accent. She seems to always be the slightest bit damp as if she got out from a pool a few moments ago. She wears a tattered pair of loose grey pantsa matching torn shirtand a visible pair of similar condition same color briefs. Her hair is short and golden. Her face possesses mild wrinkles. Her smile is extraordinarily sincere though she does not smile often.\\ 
 +**Personality:​** She is calm most of the time but flees social interaction. She loves her children and doesn'​t want them to worry about her. She loves to share her writing with anyone who is interested.++\\ 
 +**Description:​** The general store is a wooden large single storey buildingwith a green tile roof and a pillared curved-roof entryway. It contains a deck with chairs and shelves full of souveneirs. \\ 
 +  * Vial (phb 153) (1 gp) 
 +  * Leatherworker'​s Tools (phb 154) (5 gp) 
 +  * Abacus (phb 150) (2 gp)
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