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 ======Mulburg====== ======Mulburg======
-//Hamlet, Village, Town, City, Capital ​ etc.// \\ +//City// \\ 
-Description+Mulburg is a sizeable city, surprisingly so in a marsh, the orginal town was built on a large area of raised ground, enough that it rarely flooded and dry enough to build on the ground, the further you head out buildings are built on stilts and paths floating on the marsh water linked to the buildings by rope. 
 +The City's major exports are wood and rope followed by sugar and rice. Rare herbs and medicine only found only able grown in the swamp are a lesser export but are profitable.
 =====Map===== =====Map=====
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 =====Stats===== =====Stats=====
 **Population:​** ~12,500 \\ **Population:​** ~12,500 \\
-**Demographics:​** +**Demographics:​** ​\\ 
-Dominant: ​Human \\ +Dominant: ​Lizardfolk (All districts) ​\\ 
-Minority: Elves & Lizardfolk ​\\ +Minority: Elves (Dry district) ​Human (Wet district) ​\\ 
-Groups: [[faction:​kingdom_covania|Covanian Embassy]] \\+Groups: [[faction:​kingdom_covania|Covanian Embassy]] ​& Reton Empire ​\\
 Singular: Vampire [[character:​Alucard|(Alucard)]] \\ Singular: Vampire [[character:​Alucard|(Alucard)]] \\
 ---- ----
-=====Locations=====+=====Dry District=====
 ====Alurcard'​s Manor==== ====Alurcard'​s Manor====
 **Owner:** [[character:​Alucard|Alucard]] \\ **Owner:** [[character:​Alucard|Alucard]] \\
 Description [[location:​alucard manor|Read more...]] \\ Description [[location:​alucard manor|Read more...]] \\
-====Shop name==== +====The Basking Stone==== 
-//Type// \\ +//High-end Tavern// \\ 
-**Owner**+**Owner** ​\\ 
 +====Natural Remedies==== 
 +//​Alchemist//​ \\ 
 +**Roklah** elderly female Lizardfolk \\
 Desciption \\ Desciption \\
-Notable items for sale \\ 
-Store typesTavern, Inn, Blacksmith, Alchemist, Jeweler, Enchanter, ​GeneralStablesTannerTailorTempleand Adventurer+====Temple==== 
 +//Temple// \\ 
 +Temple to the [[religion:new_gods#​glaren|Lizard of LifeGlaren.]] \\ 
 +====Trand'​s Trinkets==== 
 +//Enchanter// \\ 
 +**Trand** a large middle aged Lizardfolkhe has many scars and burn marks on his hands \\ 
 +**Notable items for sale** \\ 
 +Alchemy Jug \\ 
 +Mariner'​s Hide \\ 
 +Goggles of Night \\ 
 +Ring of Protection \\ 
 +Quaal'​s Feather Token Fan \\ 
 +=====Wet District===== 
 +====Bharzut'​s Inn==== 
 +//Low-end Tavern & Inn// \\ 
 +**Bharzut** a male Lizardfolk in his late 30s \\ 
 +This two story building has the inn on the ground floor and is not well keptmost floors are rotted and only shared accommodation is available. All bedding is in old hamocks as the floor is dampyou get the idea it might be best to avoid leaving anything on the floor else it gets flooded. \\ 
 +The top floorthe tavernis more a like to a gazebo where there'​s railings instead of walls. The smell of booze has seeped into the boards mixing with the smell of swamp rotnot sure if solid walls would make it better or worse. \\ 
 +====Whiteheart Sanctum==== 
 +A small house used by the [[faction:​knights_palus|Knights of Palus]] as a safehouse when conducting operations within Mulburg.
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