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 | 9th    | Nessus ​     | Treachery ​ | Asmodeus ​          | | 9th    | Nessus ​     | Treachery ​ | Asmodeus ​          |
-===== The General Hell ===== 
-The 9 Hells isn't exactly what you would expect. \\ Many books in the conglomerate’s libraries and the words preached by their holy men speak of hell as a barren land of fire and brimstone. endless red lakes and smoke filled air. bodies and bones litter the landscape and there is an endless soul crushing dread. \\ This is all simply not true. Hell although definitely not the friendliest place is actually a semi functioning society....full of corruption to be sure but what government isn't up to their necks in dirty deeds these days? \\ Hell is divided into 9 territories called Circles, that’s where the '​circles of Hell' phrase comes from. \\ Each circle is ruled by the biggest and most powerful demons to walk out streets. \\ Its always the most powerful as the Overlords are constantly getting challenged by other Demons when they think they stand some sort of chance. \\ Society functions much the same as the mortal realm, there are stores they are constantly robbed, banks that are constantly robbed, taverns that nobody seems to rob? etc etc. \\ but the place balances itself as just as often as a store or shop gets robbed the owner is mugging those same robbers in the back ally...its all kinda hectic when you see if for the first time. 
-The one thing that doesn'​t happen is death, nobody dies in hell they just suffer for eternity or are banished to some other plane where they can die. Territory wars between current overlords and hopeful newbies happen almost every fortnight and its never pretty. some demons find it hilarious and i guess that’s just the fact. Hell isn't a place for softies. 
-Hell is full of high buildings, apartments, castles, all manor of modern civilization. much more modern then humans could ever come up with thats for sure, a certain level of class is required for people to actually take you seriously but at the end of the day, the strongest of us are on top and they make the rules...of which their are few. 
-So i hope you enjoy your time in Hell cause you will be spending a lot of it here. 
 ===== 1st Layer: Avernus ===== ===== 1st Layer: Avernus =====
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