Name Campaign Race Level Class
Vivacious The Promised Archipelago Tiefling 3 Wizard (Evocation)
Robert Knight The Land of Exilis Human 3 Cleric (Grave)
Varis Hanali Greyhawk Rebellion High Elf 10 Druid (Dreams)
Paik City of Cinders Changling 1 Bard (?)
Aldrun Queen's Monsters Half-Orc 5 Fighter (Battle Master)

The Promised Archipelago
Wizard, Friend, Amnesiac.
Blue male Tiefling, short brown hair with two small horns leading backward, thin tail leading to a slim diamond shaped tip. Wears bright long loose fitting clothes and a leather chest harness for his spell book underneath the clothes. Read more...

The Land of Exilis
Cleric, Coroner, Drunkard.
Male human, unkempt look, messy brown hair and beard. Often unclean and smelling of booze. Wears black vestments with multiple layers. Read more...

Greyhawk Rebellion
Druid, Protector, Hippie.
Male High Elf long white gray hair, not sure if because it's unclean or natural colour, he wears a headband made of flowers and wears long flowing green robes that's tattered along the edges, he has no shoes and carries a flying broom as a walking stick. Read more...

City of Cinders
Fate, Reginald, Roshia.
Changeling who lives three different lives. Fate, a female tiefling who grew up on the streets. Reginald, a kind hearted but old fasioned man. and Roshia, a posh stuck up female elf. Read more...

Queen's Monsters
Fighter, Slayer, Unworthy.
Description.

Brief details

Brief details

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