Raishin Uvasteen

Content Used
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[5] Unearthed Arcana 85
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Art by Cinder-Lonestar


Name / Titles: Raishin Uvasteen, DracoZerker
Class: Beast Barbarian
Astral Monk
Draconic Sorcerer
Species: Draconic Giant
Nationality: Covanian

Character Information

Background: Outlander
Born: 4th Monday, Firewane
Alignment: True Neutral
Languages: Common
Tools: Carpenter's Tools, The Flute
Gear: Simple weapons
Short swords
Saves: Strength
Profession: Manual Labor.
Body guard
Hired Muscle
Affiliation: Monastery of the Astral Monks
Faith: -

Physical Description

Type: Giant
Height: 11.3ft / 347cm
Weight: 582ibs / 264kg
Size: Large (2×2)
Complexion: Red
Markings: Dark Red
Eyes: Black with Golden iris
Hair: Black
Gender: Female


Mother: Munglinu Uvasteen
Father: Kalithak Moltenclaw
Brother: TBA
Adoptive-Mother: Magie
Adoptive-Father: Berk
Step-Sister: -

Other Quirks

Favorite Food: -
Favorite Drink: Shasta 1)
Music: Flute
Hobbies: Wood Carving

Stories & Campaigns

Raishin's First Job: Personal Story
The Workshop Watches Player Character
Whispers of the Wilds Player Character


Level 12
(6 Monk)
(1 Sorcerer)
(5 Barbarian)
Base Score
78 of 108
InitSpeed Prof
+1 55ft +4
Health Armor ClassP.Perception
71 21 18
25(+7) 12(+1) 18(+4)
7(-2) 18(+4) 8(-1)

Bold Stat = Proficiency in Stat

+1 Medicine
Animal Handling
+4 Nature
-2 Perception
+17 Performance
-1 Persuasion
-2 Religion
+8 Sleight of Hand
-1 Stealth
-2 Survival

Bold Stat = Proficiency in Skill

Spell/Ability Modifier

Ability: Charisma
Save DC Modifier
11 +7

A child born from an unlikely couple. An ancient red Dragon by the name of Kalithak found affection with a Cloud Giant by the name of Munglinu. Its not known if their true identities were known to each other much of their story has been lost. But the result was Rasihin, Hybrid Dragon and Giant.
Adopted by a simple farming family as a baby then abandoned during her teenage years. Loosing the only family she cared about a younger step sister.
Raishin has spent most of her life in the mountain forests on the edge of Oxtrad and Covania's borders.
Journeying most of Covania's northern lands as well as the peaks of Oxtrad where she met Goliath who taught her much of their heritage and treated her as part of the community.

Her true Father's flesh perished some hundred years ago but his soul found seat by grafting itself onto Rasihin's. The soul of Kalithak calling itself Father to Rasihin, Granting her great power at the cost of her morality and emotions.
Her time at the Astral Monk Monastery was spent training and mastering her Father's influence. Kalithak's malicious astral energy was brought under control. Learning to leash her so called “true” Father. It has helped in more ways than simply calming her emotions, Kalithak has begun to have simple conversations with Raishin and opens up to her on occasion. Kalithak's ruthless nature is quenched by the quiet and calmness of Raishin's mind.
During her time at the Monastery she met a long time friend known as Balore. They shared much of their training together having similar types of corrupted Ki to master. After the Monastery's destruction Rashin lost contact with Balore and has not seen him since.

Raishin was found by a traveling merchant who offered her food and money if she were to accompany him to Reton's new Nation which she accepted craving the thrill of a journey. See Raishin's First Job for more details.

Reaching Reton she took a job in Mulburg for an experimental arcane lab. the job went south with Rasihin ending up further north.

On appearance Raishin is a Goliath several feet higher that others of that kin, Betrayed this look her horns, claws, tail and other features giving her a draconic look. Monster is what most call her.
The Astral soul of Her Dragon father manifests itself when she unleashes the power. Appearing as ethereal draconic arms Or the full upper torso of the Red Dragon further showing his full ethereal form when Raishin has truly lost control. Willingly or not. During her years alone Raishin could never settle down in towns or cities, driven out because of her appearance. Living in isolation for many decades. She ages slowly, Her inheritance to blame.
Its only in the past few years Rasihin has joined society. People of today being slightly more tolerable but only just.

Raishin is a natural fighter. Her build and savage nature lead her to be a fierce warrior. She studied the ways of stillness and will power over the mind in a isolated monk monastery but even there her time was short lived.

Today Raishin has her beastly rage almost under control and has started a long life wish to see the world and be a part of the mortal world, Starting her long journey through Covania to reach Reton where she hopes to find her long lost sister.

Magic Markings

Raishin is covered from horns to tail in what seem to be traditional Golaith Minear2) at first glance, But any Goliath and those who study their culture will recognize that the markings are not natural. A taboo among Goliath culture is tattooing or changing your markings in any way.
The Markings done by a Stone giant who knew Raishin's Mother. She found the Giant guarding a cave during her journey through the fiery borderlands though what was Gavlian guarding?

Often considered rude and uncouth among civilized folk, outlanders have little respect for the niceties of life in the cities. The ties of tribe, clan, family, and the natural world of which they are a part are the most important bonds to most outlanders.

Life in the big city
The uh…men…women..children..many seem to chase the coins…and other shiny objects. I have learned they are used as trade…a way for everyone to trade items. you trade coins for items you want, or tasks you want done that you are not able to do yourself. Coins are like food to the people, you need coins to survive.
I haven't needed coins until I started my journey, it was a simple thing to grasp, i asked for coin and man gave me task to complete in exchange for coins.
trading coins for food and shelter is much easier than finding it myself in the forest. I have also learned that what i have learned while on my own is highly desired by other people like me….adventures they call themselves so it has been easy for me to find tasks for coins.

People are confusing
I understand the coins but the people themselves, some are kind, some are ruthless, some are painful to be around and some helpful, I seem to get….disrespected…at least that's what I have been told…people saying or doing things based on how I look, they think they can take advantage of me, they think i am simple I show them I am a threat and like the angry owlbear or the hungry Baskelisc I am not to be treated lightly. This is how i learned of people with weapons called….Guards…I am told Guards are there to prevent people from killing each other, and if you disobey them then you can get in trouble with a thing called the Law. My old boss got me out of trouble with the Law a while ago, i make an effort to follow his example.

A simple life or a Fulfilling Life
Who I am cannot stay as I wish. The trees, creatures and wind are all set in stone, every morning they rise to forage for food and every night they find a safe place to sleep, but people have managed to find more to life than that.

My parents not only abandoned me but my youngest sister also, I am not sure where she is but I will walk through the abyss, travel through each circle of hell and march upon the gods ground to find her.

True Father, Kalithak
Father and I have slowly been working on our..uh..talking. he whispers in my head constantly about people he finds unworthy or food. his disgust for most people is only matched by his hatred for Giants. he never talks about mother even when I ask. his power is…all consuming. channelining it I feel his unbridled rage threatening to consume my mind. his aura manifests his presence often appearing to me late at night to talk to me face to face.

I never had a proper education, numbers, planning and writing are far from my strongest suites.

Stone Giant Gavlain
During my time in the Fiery Borderland I met Gavlain, A true Giant said to have known my true mother. I pressed him for more details but he said he was solemn oath sworn only to reveal her name. Munglinu Uvasteen, The Cloud Giant. It was hard to believe but made more sense the longer I pondered. Kalithak never called lies which only strengthens the truth.
Gavlain told me much of the Giant's culture, My culture. he also gave me several gifts saying they were from my True Mother.

Learning & Living as Goliath
My first journey outside of Covania's borders was a true test. Through the scared land of mountains and ash. across the swirling sands that moved as it it were water and into the bitter cold of the north, That only turned harsher the further north I traveled. if it were not for the tribes of Goliath I may have not survived.
At first I was not permitted inside the camp. they set up a few tents just outside their walls for me and a caretaker. They did not speak, They seemed friendly if afraid. as if I was danger. a few days past. With their supplies I tended to my wounds and filled my belly.
On the Third sunrise the elder approached and spoke. telling me that I was danger, taboo, Something they did not completely understand. He knows I mean no harm, But by being here I may bring harm nonetheless. I did not speak, the weight of their culture was heavy and I knew that if I were to make my own way, only enemies I would find.
Yet as I prepared myself for leaving the elder invited me to follow him. I confused for a while but I dare not refuse.

Walking through the camp I couldn't help but observe the Goliath here. I saw some hauling large creatures I later knew as 'Saber Hounds' and others tending to tents, harvest and cleaning. the ground here seemed warmer and snow cover was minimal.
Many children came to visit and touch, as if I was a great attraction to be observed a prize to be adored. while some children were hurried away by their parents others seemed to gawk with them. I was still far taller than any member of this tribe but it was nice that most were close enough to not strain my neck.

This is a cheap sake that is not distilled but brewed. Grain alcohol and other extracts have been added to it to the point where it is barely sake anymore. This is what a merchant might drink when pretending to have taste. If nothing else, shasta is very potent.
The Markings Covering a normal Goliath
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