Feel free to use this space to create or read stories based in the world of Felwind or any of the connected planes and worlds. If writing a story there is a template below to create a page and quick details to hook a reader.

Finished Stories

Written by: Samuel
Nabilhime, Start 10745 End 10749, Oxtrad.
The Prosperous City of Nabilhime is experiencing a a powerful movement of technological advances like none the land of Mor-thir had seen before, Powerful magical items miles above what had been seen before, moving fortresses capable of laying siege to kingdoms and a new breed of creatures known as warforged, sentient soldiers with enhanced abilities, immune to hunger, disease, exhaustion
The leaders of Nabilhime were proud of thier achievements and showed it off to the other leaders of the lands, bragging of their power. The city caught the attention of something far more sinister that they were not prepared for.
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Written by: Samuel
North & South Corvania, Post Ashlem War.
After the Death of Bryn and Kilvar in the final battle of the Ashley war, Blinding Spear is left bitter sweet trying to savour their victory but nobody can really relax, They buried Kilvar and Bryn in the Hero’s grave sight and spent the entire day there together just chatting and trying to keep sadness at bay.
But there attempted rest was short lived, new orders coming down from high command have stated that there is a large number of stray demons left unchecked, they have taken disguises to appear as other races such as Tieflings or Dragonborn and it’s Blinding Spear’s job to clear the ones out of the Forrests in the south of Corvania. Zyllis still feeling like he failed the team decides to split the group up, letting Rozie take command of the other half.
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Borders of Corvania & Oxtrad, Now known as the Fiery Borderlands.
Post Fall of Nabilhime

On Your journey through the ruins of Stowjaw you discover a bloodied rotten book, seems to be a diary of sorts, possible from on of the prisoners of this hellhole long ago. You open it to find that the pages are still easily readable, written in infernal it seems.
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Written by: Samuel
Dyndrud's Lair, Resolve Tested
The fellowship of the Alicorn is put face to face with their greatest threat. The Ancient Dragon Dyndrud, the dishonored Litch King Narkul and their armies against and unfocused and naive band of would be heroes. the parties resolve is tested and all they could do was fall apart when the land of Reton needed them most.
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Written by: Samuel
Ashlem Wargrounds, 12284, Blinding Spear, Demonic Overlord Calamity.
The Ashlem war ended rather abruptly once the portals were closed, But how did these portals close? what were the events leading towords the end of the war? (Story Will be Written after one shot) Read Story

Written by: Kyle
Various times. Covania
Sarren's quest to become the greatest conjurer of all time, has led him to the Gatiby Jungle where he has found a crone that can grant his wish but at what cost?
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Written by: Amber
Various times, Reton
Caelynn & Varis's stories
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Attempted by: Samuel
Alternate Reality to Felwind, futuristic Setting in Recter City.
A young man delt a bad hand has been given a 2nd chance. in a world ruled by influence, money and power we follow Robert as he journes to Recter City for a new job. Joining three other employees he tries his best to keep things flowing from day to day. But the line of work is dangerous and being the outsider in a new city things are bound to have some twists.
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Written by: Kyle
Follow a narrative telling of events of campaign 1, Rise of Narkul.
Please be aware that while major events are accurate, minor events and converstations are likely not be.
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