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Feel free to use this space to create or read stories based in the world of Felwind or any of the connected planes and worlds. If writing a story there is a template below to create a page and quick details to hook a reader.

The Invasion - WIP

Written by: Kyle
12270. Ashlem Rise, Covania
The Ashlem War between the Kingdom of Covania and the Crown of Oxtrad has been raging on for six long years with no end in sight, the once beautiful and pristine Ashlem Rise, now a hellish landscape even before a new enemy descends into the mountains.
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The Fall of Nabilhime - WIP

Written by: Samuel
Nabilhime, 10749, Oxtrad.
The Prosperous City of Nabilhime is experiencing a a powerful movement of technological advances like none the land of Mor-thir had seen before, Powerful magical items miles above what had been seen before, moving fortresses capable of laying siege to kingdoms and a new breed of creatures known as warforged, sentient soldiers with enhanced abilities, immune to hunger, disease, exhaustion
The leaders of Nabilhime were proud of thier achievements and showed it off to the other leaders of the lands, bragging of their power. The city caught the attention of something far more sinister that they were not prepared for. Read Story

Fall of The Alicorn

Written by: Samuel
Dyndrud's Lair, Resolve Tested
The fellowship of the Alicorn is put face to face with their greatest threat. The Ancient Dragon Dyndrud, the dishonored Litch King Narkul and their armies against and unfocused and naive band of would be heroes. the parties resolve is tested and all they could do was fall apart when the land of Reton needed them most.
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Blood Deep - WIP

Written by: Samuel
Various Locations, Various time Periods, etc.
The Decota family, Fugitives from their old home and now the new one, A tale of how mistakes are inherited down the family, An old god that took pity and how bad luck curses the family name of Decota
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Lord of the Storm - WIP

Written by: Samuel
Reton, 8012, etc.
The Hellish SinGora are a race of noble and powerful eagle creatures that are almost as ancient as the dragons. this is the story of how the came to be in Reton and how thier society operates.
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Awakened Revolution - WIP

Written by: Kyle
10653. The Reach/Reton
The people of The Reach are lead by the Garreton family after being shown the reality of their situation and the truth of King Dauthos the Great who turned to Lichdom so as to extend and expand his rule.
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Example Title

Written by: Author
Date/Time, Setting/Location, etc.
Blurb or brief
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