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Our party arrive in the town of Grovistide. or at least they think its Grovistide. The town having its Sign recently edited.
Grovistide crossed out with paint and a new name written crudely bellow.

One by one our party take up stocks of the town. the citizens here speaking some unknown language, not elvish, Dwarfish, Draconic or even giant. between our party nobody has any idea, it seems to be complete nonsense.

Directed into the town's Inn, Inside language seems to have returned to normal, Something about the drink in the tavern suppressing the odd effects that have taken the town.

The party buy food and drink and begin to acquaint themselves with each other. after the introductions are had and cups are thrown the parties attention s drawn by a posting of billboard jobs.
posted three jobs take the parties interest. An old man by the name of pappy is seeking to atone and offering a small fortune for help.
the second a missing child, but as chatter amongst the locals rises the party learn that the child has been missing for supposedly a year yet they all have eye witnessed the child still at home in the village.
The third job seems to be a simple one. gathering mushrooms in the forest, only one party member seems to be keen for it.

The party is split about which job to undertake, a vote is conducted and although one job won favor the minority were stubborn and chose to follow their job anyway.

Don't know what happened with the missing child

The party regrouped to follow the task of Pappy, everyone seems to assume he is a Wizard so much that the party catch on and also begin to assume.

Pappy the not Wizard after a bit of convincing from Raishin gives the Party a potion. Telling them that one needs to drink it then head north and “They” will find him. Not elaborating who “they” were.

A small altercation Between Raishin and Kenaan arose over who were to drink the potion, eventually ending to Keenan who was almost instantly pulled into a deep sleep leaving the rest of the party to take him north.

Kennan's body began to glow and started to hover seemingly on its own, leading the party deeper into the forest arriving at a deep pond. the party mostly dove in after Keenan without hesitation. Arno caving to pear pressure.

The party arose in the Feywilds. greeted by strange giant fawna and odd arcane energy. soon set upon by an invisible foe. several spells used to locate it failed until Razza granted Raishin a spell of true sight. allowing her to see the creature was not on their plane of existence. reaching in to attack the party. With no way to fight such a creature the party opted to flee.

Finding paths deeper into the fey forests the party encounter an obviously baited treasure chest sitting in the middle of the road. Raishin striking the chest with a few choice stones revealed that it contained even more chests.

Eventually the party solving the small puzzle and revealed an interesting fey creature by the name of Wesley. a weasel like creature with butterfly wings.

Our party reach the town of Astral crown. the city looks to be the site of a meteor landing zone with the crater creating a three pointed formation.
These formations reach high and have been hollowed out to make a majority of the living space for the citizens. many shops and other services litter the ground level. Crystals grow generously all over the town but there worth is minimal akin to quartz.

The town here was raided by Drow during the Feywild war. its not clear if the Drow raid was related to the war or simple a coincidence but the towns people remember it as such none the less.

The party spend some time shopping, getting different foods.

Arno has a small confrontation with a shop owner as he is a Drow.

Keenan buys a cat with countless teeth and butterflies to feed it.

There is lots of advertising and talk of the Witchlight carnival as well as a Hag living in a house to the north at the centre of a massive storm. The party decided to head to the hag stopping by the carnival on the trip as its closer. Need to comeback when Foundry is working and flesh out - Kaos

Arno and Raishin meet a very sad Fey corgi by the name of Ray who has had her shipment of apples stolen by some feline creatures the two agree to help and retrieve the apples for her.

Razza, Arno and Keenan leave Astralia and have an uneventful journey to the Witchlight Carnival.
The carnival is apparently a very popular attraction and plenty of people are trying to get in. As the party joins the line to enter, they spot a Kenku skulking around and sneaking into the carnival.
As the party get to the front of the line, the attendant (a head in a cage) shows them an image of all of the party member's silhouettes and says that we are entitled to free entry, but are not given an explanation as to why this happened. Each member is given a gold ticket with 8 stubs and a set of wings, butterfly wings for Keenan, dragonfly wings for Razza and ??? wings for Arno. The wings do not appear magical in nature. The attendant also shows us a poster saying: “Become the reason there is joy throughout the carnival. Be crowned the monarch of the Carnival at 8 tonight. Meet Mr Light and Mr Witch, plus prizes.”
The party spends the rest of the session exploring half of the carnival and trying out different games and rides, winning different prizes and raising the overall mood of the carnival. They also spot the kenku from earlier doing a shenanigans.

Caligos now awake finds himself In front of the Witchlight carnival. Excited he enters and goes to find his companions, Wishing to play games with Keenan and Razzar.
The trio explore the carnival playing games and riding a swan who asks them existential questions. They answer and in return she offers gossip. Something about “The three sisters” and that the mermaid of the lake refuses to do her act because her lover embarrassed her?

Finding a place to eat at the Gardens they order lunch. Live music is being played by a bard with a large frog, Its a dance, Play and music all in one show.
Razzar recognises the bard as a childhood friend. She tells Razzaar his family is in danger and he needs to find the Hags to save them. After lunch The trio also meet the displacer beast protecting lost and found. She has a secret , Is sad when she sees Keenans pet cat

The Trio play a game with Deana, A centaur who works at the carnivals Carasaoul. She offers a game, Guess the names of her horses and you could win a prize.
Each of the trio receive their rounds and Caligos rolls to convince the DM to give Keeanan a chance to win an extra prize. He rolls well and Keenan wins , but before he could claim his prize, a sneaky Kenku who has been causing mischief around the carnival, snatches the prize and runs off.

The trio run after but the Kenku evades them. Caligos, Thinking the wings they were given at the start of the carnival, were related to the Kenku, In an attempt to lure the Kenku out Caligos tries to remove a guest's wings.
When guards stop him he tries to de-wing the guards, After that fails Caligos takes his own wings off.
Instead of luring out the kenku, he sees a glimpse of the Hag sisters before being dogpiled by guards. He warns Keenan and Razaar about his vision and begs them to remove their wings before being dragged away by guards.
Keenan and Razzzar remove their wings too and see the same vision but keep their cool. Just as they do we are introduced to Mr Light. Explaining to the two that he is worried the mood of the Carnival is down and convinces them to put their wings back on. Giving them a pat and telling them he hopes to see them at the crowing of the monarch that night .

who are the sisters Will anyone in the group be crowned monarch ? Why is the Kenku creating Havoc

Find out more on whispers of the wild

While the other's are having fun and causing chaos Raishin has arrived at the Carnival much later in the day. Oblivions to the adventures of her party Raishin spends her time cautiously exploring the carnival. finding various games that have peaked her interest.

Plays a few games such as Goblin Wrestling, Feats of strength, and a game she thought was knocking over cans but turns out to be throwing rings on a unicorn horn.

Caligos , arno amd razaar in this session . Caligos was taken to the staff rooms where he was questioned by witch and light. They demanded to know if caligos worked for the Kenku . Caligos was adamant that he was the monarch and that they should treat him better.
Arno and Razzaar split up to see if they can find more information after Razaar was told by the prize givet the Kenku ‘ was only doing it for attention ‘
Razaar goes to find the pie lady from previous sessions , and sees the Kenku eating a samdwhich . He gets him and fhe kenku another and they discuss a deal
i help make you a monarch . You ask where prisoner is

Arno on the other side , literalllyyyy uses everything in his pockets to convince the guard at the stations to find and retrieve Caligos . The guard at the entrance trauma dumps on Arno and tells him if they don’t raise the mood , there won’t be a monarch .but a plan b may be to steal Witch and Lights prized possesions . Arno thanks him and grabs Caligos where they regroup with Razaar

Sharing their information they come up with a plan . Combine Weaseltones eating of feelings abilitie , magical lights and getting Kenku to return all the stolen stuff , the mood would rize . It works but Caligos is told off by Razzaar saying he won’t be a monarch . Caligos gets depressy and facedown lazy lagoons down the river .

The night finally concludes with a show at big top . People poured in and mr light and mr witch greeet the audience and snnounce the winners . A joint monarchy between arno and Razaar. They go onstage to be crowned and whisked iff to the back by Witch and Light.
The owners demand to know what the characters are up to and bring in the Kenku
They conclude that they are looking for Prismeer and the carnival owners oblidge

Arno, Caligos, Razaar and Keenan session

After entering the portal at the Carnival , the party find themselves teleported in a hot and sticky Marsh. Kettle steam recognizes the place as prismeer and suggests they look for a old tavern that she knew called the “wondering inn” The party agree and search for a high place to find the tavern easier. Approaching a fallen tree , acting as a bridge over the river the party are ambushed by a Brigrade of Brigrad es ( Rabbit folk) who proclaim that they are robbing the party. The Rabbits try to escape after the party killone of the rabbits but the party hold them hostage for information .

The party decide to camp in the swamp for the night for a long rest . They discover they are being watched and learn about the 4 rules of the wilds by Kettle Steam

In the Morning , Caligos climes a nearby tree to determine their path , only to see a falling hot air baloon. The party race to save it from falling and discover a flamboyant purpled dragon in the cage who beg them to comb his moustache and get him out of it .

(Festive Themed Special)

Caligos, Arno and Raishin run into a lady of the Fey-Wild during their trek through the bullywog swampland.
She introduces herself as Anaise, A humble lady of the Feywild who has had her sparkling start stolen. She pleads with the three for them to retreavie it for her. Caligos and Arno agree with Raishin being sceptical. Putting the purple dragon's quest for freedom on hold.

The party head in the direction Anaise told them of to find the swamp quickly terraformed. a spot of snow and tundra with quite a large pine tree in the middle heavily decorated with all sorts of festive things.

The Large pine was made into some sort of building. The party fighting Mimic presents on the first floor.
Sneaking past sleeping mushrooms on the 2nd floor.
Solve a riddle told by a pair of beholders on the third or risk being turned into festive balborls.
and finally on the top floor they spied the star only for it to be swallowed by a dragon made of gingerbread.

Caligos so shocked he past out leaving Arno and Raishin to fight the dragon alone.

The party reach the small town of Grublum still on a mission to free their dragon friend.

Razza & Arno are left alone to complete that mission:

After shaking off the magic of Christmas and returning to the Masrshy lands, Razaar and Arno are guided by their purple dragon friend to the Town of Grublum. Here they find that the town is build across a fallen tower. The settlers, mostly gnomes , have built in and around the tower and made it their home. After entering , the two see that the town was mid meeting , . Razaar eavesdropped and found out that the town were split on the decision to go after the thieves that had robbed them of their collections whilst the other half firmly believed the Laws of the Feywild would serve the thieves whats coming to them. Amongs the crowd was the dragon's friend , Jingle Jangle, who was covered head to toes in Keys.

After asking for assitance from Jingle Jangle, she takes them to her shopo, a shop that sells nothing but keys. She produces a skelaton key and offers to sell it to them for 2000g. Arno tried to barter but instead got an alternative option. Help the townsfolk with the thieves and get the key for free. Razaar and Arno accept the offer and head out to chat to the townsfolk where they quickly learnt that Jingle Jangle was not the only collector in this town. The townsfolk tell the party of Rabbits that have stolen their collections. Collections of birds, buttons, string and teapots . Razaar agrees only if some will join the hunt . Three brave Gnomes join and are affectionally names , Strings. Buttons and TeaPot.

The party find the rabbits with ease and Razaars keen sense of smell but before they jump in, they devise a plan. Arno was to enter with such great pizzaz they were forced to respect him. The plan was to make enough apple and mushroom pies to impress the great Long Scarf , the leader of the the thieves. The plan quickly changes as Arno does his performance and attracts the assistant of Long bottom. Then uses his insperation point to ask “ DM” 'I know a guy' Arno learns of Longscarfs secret Girlfriend, Mini Skirts, and uses it to convince the assistant that Mini had sent him to check on Long Scarf . He rolls high and the assistant takes him to Long Scarf, a magnificent Rabbit with a magnificent scarf. There, he talks to Long Scarf into changing his ways so that Mini Skirts would be proud of him again. He is successful in convincing longscarf to do so , and brings in Razzar and the gnomes to celebrate. Razaar makes 85 Apple pies that taste great. The thieves return what they have stolen and the party return with the goods.

Jingle jangle gives them the keys and they set Sir Travalar, the prurple dragon free . He promises to take the party safely to their next destination and answer any questions they may have.

Razza, Arno, Caligos, Keenan & Raishin after freeing thier moustashed dragon freind yet to be named. He offers to guide them to the edge of the soggy court.

During the trip the party have their rest interrupted when Keenan spies a building with chicken legs. After confirming the house is approaching them he wakes the party who do their best to hide. some doing better that others.
After a very suspicious chat the party seem to mostly agree that the building and its owner Honey mean no threat, Infact she seems to be a victim of Lockjaw, The hag they are searching for. Asking the party to retrieve a dear companion of Honey's in exchange for compensation.

The party enjoy a free meal from Honey, Some enjoy it more than others. Afterwards she offers to take them to he Soggy Court herself. Her Chicken leg house being able to navigate the swampy land with ease. Raishin refuses, Instead traveling on foot.

The party manage to get the attention of a Ballooner merchant. Buying some items not for coin but strange things such as a Shadow or a first born.

The Party were welcomed warmly by theKing of the soggy courts who offered hospitality in exchange for returning a book he stole from slack jaw The partie learns from the book that it is a diary . The book has secrets telling the party that slack jaw is not fond of fire , but loves things that float

how will the party deal with slack Jaw , find out next time !

On the door step of Slack-Jaws domain, the party , Razzaar , Keenan, Caligos and Arno find themselves greeted by a Bullywog secretary. Who explains to the party that to get an appointment with Slack-Jaw they must pay the fee. One year of their life to proceed.
Caligos and Arno paid the fee, Ageing one year each in a mater of moments, Keenan however manages to persuade the secretary to wave the fee for him personally due to his history with Slack-Jaw. What did Razza do?

Inside the giant tree was revealed to be a factory. Full of gas powered machinery, tools and other Bullywogs working, CRafting parts to make Airbaloons.
Keenan ninjas his ways through scolding hot pipes too get some loot hidden in plain site.
The crew find that the factory has been partly destroyed by fire. The path to Slak-Jaw's room was a set of stairs now destroyed and replaced by a crude ladder.
Two paths lead to the ladder, They could either test their flexibility through scolding hot metal pipes fit to burst at any moment or the monster swamp that had seeped in due to the fire damage. The party chose the later.
The pond had several large lily pads that had signs of being used by the workers to cross the water without hinderance but the party had another idea. Working together to make a short cut of icy stairs thanks to Caligos quick thinking. The the room and water were much hotter then they realised and the ice began to melt quickly, Arno very nearly did not make it over the ice and the monster of the waters stole his shoe.

Up the ladder the party arrive in Slack-Jaws waiting room, A room were deals are made.
The party get bored of waiting for the hag to arrive so they prod around the room looking for anything of note. They talk about Stu and hear a faint barking behind a wall. After examining the wall thoughly they find a secret switch that opened up the wall of roots revealing a room full of treasure , and a trapped Kettelsteen with Stu .

The Hag finally shows up and hears what the party has to ask. Caligos says he wants to reverse Keenans curse and the hags asks for the menagerie in return. The party collectively disagree.
Slack-Jaw things and says “ ok , how about someone taking Keenans place ?”. Caligos volunteers . Keenan's curse is reversed and his memories of the whole trip lost.
He reverts to his old bird folk self, Ken. Caligos's past is forgotten by all, and no one in the party recognises him . Despite their fall back, the team agree to fight the hag to release Stu and come out victorious . . ./ They return to Camp and reunite Stu with Honey who welcomes everyone with Stu made Stew and a long rest . Team levels up

Being Victorias the Group come out with some revelations, Some loot and eager to get to the next goal. Their on again off again party member Ketelsteen wants to bring them to see his Patron, The Arch-Fey Valour.

The party first must find a way out of the Bullywog Swamps.
After returning Stu to his owner Honey she offers them a safe place to sleep, A warm meal and to take them as far as her house is able.

Arriving at the coast, just north of Grublum the part encounter the beginning of a competition. A boat race of sorts held by the citizens of Grublum. Honey bids the party farewell.

The party learn about what's going on and enter the race themselves, sizing up to competition and learning the rules.

Anise, Razza, Arno, Ken

After our adventurers finished the boat race they found themselves on the mainland. Kettelsteen met them there ready to lead the way to her Patron's palace. But first they must get through the mist without loosing each other or themselves.

The party camp for the night where Kettelsteen insist she takes the party to meet her Patron, so they can see what they are working for and receive some clues to their personal goals.

The next morning the party follow Kettelsteen deeper into the misty forests. not long after thier journey begain Arno and Ken turn around to realize Razza is missing. With the fog so thick they are unable to see him.
Razza has been caught in a trace by the mist seeing horrible things of the disaster luring him away. Though the two stumbled and panicked a bit eventually Ken had the idea to perform an Elephant call which managed to snap Razza out of his trace, Arno using some dancing lights to beckon Razza back to them then tying themselves together with rope.

The party eventually find Anise who has been lost in the fog for a few days. she agress to join them but isnt very happy about it rather they would join her.

Kettelsteen leads the party to the Palace of Vrugbarr.
The party are otherwise left to their own devices while the master of the house is brought up on the situation.

Razza manages to break a locked door, gets caught and scolded, when he doesn't back down he experiences first hand the power of the house as he is tossed through a nightmare realm.

Ken and Arno do a little browsing of mansion running into a few children's going about their day and examining some of the fine artifacts on display.

Anise does her own snooping finding a classroom.

After all their chatting and chilling learning a few things about and from the Children of the house. The lady of the house calling herself 'Wicked' makes her appearance.

Wicked gives the party a large exposition dump as well as reinforcing each parties personal goals.

  • Anise wants something of hers returned
  • Razza wannted more clarity with the disaster he is premising
  • Arno wantted more information on his mother
  • Ken was satisfied until a relevation was made that he was far from free of the Hags influence.

The party meet the Patron Captin valour who is currently in distress due to the Hag's magic

The party could stay the night at the palace and have a well made meal.

With the party well rested and Re stocked they decide which Hag they want to track down first. Through Jardin's or through the Wailing Woods.

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