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Canon Oneshots

D&D: Alex’s Birthday

Alex’s Birthday oneshot various people end up fighting for their lives and fortune in the Graycott arena ending in a grand battle with duplicates of themselves but ultimately failing. (Level 15)

D&D: Christmas 2018 (Rise of Narkul)

Character’s from campaign 1 find themselves in Jack Frost’s Winter Realm and play some festive games and destroy a giant gingerbread man that was accidentally brought to life. Takes place between C1:S14 and S15.

D&D: Murders & Attacks (Rise of Narkul)

Takes place during the Rise of Narkul campaign we take the perspective of a group of noble guards under Duke Myghell’s command, tasked with investigating his brother’s murder and then to return to OldTree where they’ll prepare to march South to Whitkin. Takes place during C1:S26 to S29.

D&D: Summerset Isle

Amber’s two part oneshot when Ironhide and Varis are teleported to Summerset Isle to help the local firbolgs with a goliath problem.

Non-Canon Oneshots

Dread: Beneath the Full Moon

Set in modern day a group of campers explore a canyon but near the end of their journey the guide is mauled, and they are hunted down by Werewolves.

Dread: Beneath the Metal Sky

Engineer: Peter
Navigator: Alex
Doctor: Amber
Alien: Sam J
Researcher: Kieran

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