Disconnected oneshots take place in the same world but are not connected to any of the campaigns.

Alex, Kyle, Amber, Daniel, Zach.
Alex’s Birthday oneshot various people end up fighting for their lives and fortune in the Graycott arena ending in a grand battle with duplicates of themselves but ultimately failing. (Level 15)

1st Wednesday of Lowsun 12335 Between C1:S14 and S15
Kyle, Alex, Amber, Sam J, Johnathon, Zac, Moritz.
Character’s from campaign 1 find themselves in Jack Frost’s Winter Realm and play some festive games and destroy a giant gingerbread man that was accidentally brought to life.

3rd Sunday of Lowsun to 2nd Wednesday of Redfall 12335 During C1:S26 to S29
Kyle, Sam J, Sam JG, Alex, Moritz.
Takes place during the Fellowship of the Alicorn campaign we take the perspective of a group of noble guards under Duke Miguel's command, Maximus, Cleaver, Randy, and Vincent are tasked with investigating his brother’s murder and then to return to OldTree where they’ll prepare to march South to Whitkin.

Amber, Kyle, Alex.
Amber’s two part oneshot where Ironhide and Varis are teleported to Summerset Isle to help the local firbolgs with a goliath problem.

Alex, Josh, Nathan, Kyle, Amber.
Little Rocky Rotunda, Fre Sha Vaca Do, Greg Stopsign, and ???. Set out to break into a mansion each character with their own personal goals.

Amber, Kyle, Sam J, Sam JG, Alex, Moritz, Johnathon, Zac, ???.
Amber's one shot with Kyle as Uruma, Sam as Valefor,

Mid to Late 12335
Sam JG, Sam J, Amber, Kyle.
Amethyst, Lost, and King* Gizzard travel to _ and meet _ at _.

Winter 12262
Kyle, Sam JG, Sam J, Ida, Amber, Alex.
Codi, Hunt, Ruth, Anastasia, and Warrzag are hired by Sir Tristan in Brightdale, Oxtrad. Due to rising tensions between Oxtrad and Covania Tristan is unable to spare enough men to hunt a Hydra that has been terrorising local farms and attempting to attack the castle, the group was tasked to hunt it down and return with proof of its demise.

Sam J, Kyle, Amber, Ida, Luke.
The Party have been contacted by members representing the royal family of Oxtrad. The queen has become gravely ill, infected by some sort of sickness that is causing dramatic infatuation with the king of Covania.
This has the potential to upset the citizens of Oxtrad to the point of civil war if they learn that their own queen is in love with the enemy.
it is highly suspect that a rare creature is the cause of this as similar cases have been reported in one of the farm towns surrounding the main kingdom. The party is to track the creature, find it and kill it.

12336. Garmsby, Reton
Kyle, Sam J, Sam JG, Allegra, Luke.

Time: 1st Week, Frostwane, 12336, Sunwood, Covania
Ida, Sam J
Folgo has been in Sunwood for a few weeks getting intel on a new guild known as Blackfyre. while the process has been slow and hindered it has come up that a ally of the guild is known as Forvon and her gallery under the same name. Blacklist has learned of a small artifact in the galleries' position that a client is after. Fortune Fur has been tasked to retrieve this item within the next few days and pass it along to Blacklist for a reward. Read more...

Time: , Year, -, Reton
Ida, Sam J
An experimental session dubbed 'Small Shot' Two Players running as interchanging DM's. Not sure on all the details. Lets see how it goes.

Modern day horror
Kyle, Player, Player, Player.
Set in modern day a group of campers explore a canyon but near the end of their journey the guide is mauled, and they are hunted down by Werewolves.

Sam's Sendoff Oneshot
Luke, Kyle, Amber, Sam JG.
After clearing a nearby mine of a Salamander incursion, the Party take a well-deserved rest at the farming town of Hainwood. But as rumours of undead activity in the nearby graveyard begin to circulate, the Party springs into action to find the cause of the disturbance.

Timelines cross over
Kyle, Alex, Amber, Sam J, Ida.
Alex, Amber, Sam J, and Ida, all find themselves in the overgrown ruins of a school where many of them once went. They scavenged and helped each other with finding a way back home or wake up from the suspected dream while fighting back old, rusted robots. The friends find their answers at Kyle's home in a basement that they've never seen, inside they find the brain of Kyle connected to computers and servers, where he tells the friends that he brought them to this timeline to see them once more, telling the friends how much he has missed each of them. In a blinding flash the friends find themselves sitting around the familiar table at Kyle's house.

Disconnected or Time
Ida, Kyle, Sam J, Luke, 4th.
The party consisting of Ravi, Kyle's Tiefling, Luke's Gnome, 4th orc character are hired to investigate a town known as Adderfall, There have been strange reports from scouts and some officials are sure that Adderfall doesn't even exist. The party find the town and learn that is being attacked every night by a group of harpies. The party soon to learn that its a coverup story for a much bigger threat.

Documents can be found at: https://downloads.thebakery.net.au/dnd/3rdParty/MCDM/Books/FleeMortals/Packet 1/Against the Horde Scenario

Using premade characters
Kill count: ~62 - Round: 8 - Score: ~76
Kyle as the Orc Master
Alex as Paul Din the Final, a Human Paladin
Luke as Philippe the Scorcher, a Rock Gnome Wizard
Sam as Maragoth the Light bringer, a High Elf Cleric
Ida as Alias the Scyza rider, a Hill Dwarf Barbarian

Using Campaign characters
Kill count: - Round: - Score:
Kyle as DM
Liz as Malum
John as Kat
Bianca as Premade Barbarian
Zac as Tak

Using premade characters
Kill count: 52 - Round: 7 - Score: ~54
Kyle as the Orc Master
Liz as Paladin and Cleric
John as Barbarian and Wizard

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Disconnected or Time
DM/GM, Player, Player, Player.

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