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Canon Oneshots

D&D: Alex’s Birthday

Alex’s Birthday oneshot various people end up fighting for their lives and fortune in the Graycott arena ending in a grand battle with duplicates of themselves but ultimately failing. (Level 15)

D&D: Christmas 2018 (Rise of Narkul)

1st Wednesday of Lowsun 12335 Between C1:S14 and S15 Character’s from campaign 1 find themselves in Jack Frost’s Winter Realm and play some festive games and destroy a giant gingerbread man that was accidentally brought to life.

D&D: Murders & Attacks (Rise of Narkul)

3rd Sunday of Lowsun to 2nd Wednesday of Redfall 12335 During C1:S26 to S29
Takes place during the Rise of Narkul campaign we take the perspective of a group of noble guards under Duke Myghell’s command, tasked with investigating his brother’s murder and then to return to OldTree where they’ll prepare to march South to Whitkin.

D&D: Summerset Isle

Amber’s two part oneshot when Ironhide and Varis are teleported to Summerset Isle to help the local firbolgs with a goliath problem.

D&D: Hiest

Alex's oneshot with Josh as Little Rocky Rotunda, Nat as Fre Sha Vaca Do, Amber as , and Kyle as Greg Stopsign. The group set out to break into a mansion each character with their own personal goal.

D&D: ??? (History)

Amber's one shot with Kyle as Uruma, Sam as Valefor,

Non-Canon Oneshots

Dread: Beneath the Full Moon

Set in modern day a group of campers explore a canyon but near the end of their journey the guide is mauled, and they are hunted down by Werewolves.

Dread: Beneath the Metal Sky


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