Disconnected oneshots take place in the same world but are not connected to any of the campaigns.

Alex, Kyle, Amber, Daniel, Zach.
Alex’s Birthday oneshot various people end up fighting for their lives and fortune in the Graycott arena ending in a grand battle with duplicates of themselves but ultimately failing. (Level 15)

1st Wednesday of Lowsun 12335 Between C1:S14 and S15
Kyle, Alex, Amber, Sam J, Johnathon, Zac, Moritz.
Character’s from campaign 1 find themselves in Jack Frost’s Winter Realm and play some festive games and destroy a giant gingerbread man that was accidentally brought to life.

3rd Sunday of Lowsun to 2nd Wednesday of Redfall 12335 During C1:S26 to S29
Kyle, Sam J, Sam JG, Alex, Moritz.
Takes place during the Fellowship of the Alicorn campaign we take the perspective of a group of noble guards under Duke Miguel's command, Maximus, Cleaver, Randy, and Vincent are tasked with investigating his brother’s murder and then to return to OldTree where they’ll prepare to march South to Whitkin.

Amber, Kyle, Alex.
Amber’s two part oneshot when Ironhide and Varis are teleported to Summerset Isle to help the local firbolgs with a goliath problem.

Alex, Josh, Nathan, Kyle, Amber.
Little Rocky Rotunda, Fre Sha Vaca Do, Greg Stopsign, and ???. Set out to break into a mansion each character with their own personal goals.

Amber, Kyle, Sam J, Sam JG, Alex, Moritz, Johnathon, Zac, ???.
Amber's one shot with Kyle as Uruma, Sam as Valefor,

Mid to Late 12335
Sam JG, Sam J, Amber, Kyle.
Amethyst, Lost, and Gizzard travel to _ and meet _ at _.

Winter 12262
Kyle, Sam JG, Sam J, Ida, Amber, Alex.
Codi, Hunt, Ruth, Anastasia, and Warrzag are hired by Sir Tristan in Brightdale, Oxtrad. Due to rising tensions between Oxtrad and Covania Tristan is unable to spare enough men to hunt a Hydra that has been terrorising local farms and attempting to attack the castle, the group was tasked to hunt it down and return with proof of its demise.

Sam J, Kyle, Amber, Ida, Luke.
The Party have been contacted by members representing the royal family of Oxtrad. The queen has become gravely ill, infected by some sort of sickness that is causing dramatic infatuation with the king of Corvania.
This has the potential to upset the citizens of Oxtrad to the point of civil war if they learn that their own queen is in love with the enemy.
it is highly suspect that a rare creature is the cause of this as similar cases have been reported in one of the farm towns surrounding the main kingdom. The party is to track the creature, find it and kill it.

Year: 12284
DM Players
We are loosing this war
So many have fallen
We have to turn the tide of battle…and now
You are a member of Blinding Spear, a super elite squadron of soldiers, one of forteen.
You have sworn everything you are to your Leader Zyllis Decota, Someone who one way or another made an impression on you that you can never forget and vice versa. You have been fighting in this war almost since it began, you have been fighting for Corvania. The Leaders of Corvania and Oxtrad have put together a last ditch effort to finish this war, it’s no secret the mortals are on the Blackfoot with the seemingly endless demons spilling from the gates to hell, Overlords of the circles command them and new reports of a powerful new breed of Demon not yet named.
Blinding Spear has been tasked with taking down what is known as Calamity, a draconian Demonlord who is known to be the one that originally opened the gates and possible the most powerful overlord to have stepped through the gates.
The demons have started to push the mortals far back, leaving Blinding spear the opportunity to slip behind the front lines, deep in enemy territory the air is thick with ash and death, bodies litter the scorched ground, fires have just started to burn this part of the Forrest so for now you still have some cover.
Your commander has ordered the group to split into two, one to keep others from interfering and the other to take on Calamity directly, the one last bit of information you were given is that somehow Calamity and Zyllis are related, and he has requested you make her death quick.

This is a single encounter one shot with a multi phase boss. In lore this is part of the event that turned the tide of the war in the mortals favour similar battle such as this are happening all over the battle field.

Level 18 characters
1 legendary magic item
1 Very Rare magic items
4 Rare or bellow magic items
1 set of +3 proficient armour
5 Greater healing potions
Required to have some ability to extend lifespan greatly (Elven race, Undying warlock, etc)
Backstory of how you came to be part of Blinding Spear.
Your special skill you bring to Blinding Spear

Modern day horror
Kyle, Player, Player, Player.
Set in modern day a group of campers explore a canyon but near the end of their journey the guide is mauled, and they are hunted down by Werewolves.

Sam's Sendoff Oneshot
Luke, Kyle, Amber, Sam JG.
After clearing a nearby mine of a Salamander incursion, the Party take a well-deserved rest at the farming town of Hainwood. But as rumours of undead activity in the nearby graveyard begin to circulate, the Party springs into action to find the cause of the disturbance.

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Disconnected or Time
DM/GM, Player, Player, Player.

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