Location Global?
Estate(s) Blackfyre Tavern (Sunwood, Covania)


Skills Defenses
Diplomacy: +0 Communications: 12
Espionage: +3 Resolve: 10
Lore: −1 Resources: 11
Operations: +2

Gold: 000
Rations: 30 days


  • Crate of eternally warm sand & dirt
  • ~24 bottles of fine fine
  • ~18 bottles of whisky

Ade - Enforcement. You gain proficiency with light, medium, and heavy armor. Additionally, any enemy within 5 feet of you has disadvantage on melee attacks against any of your allies within 5 feet of you.

Takitar - Narcotics. You have advantage on saving throws against poison. Additionally, when a creature within 5 feet of you that you can see is reduced to 0 hit points but not killed outright, you can use your reaction to give that creature a stimulant. The creature regains a number of hit points equal to 1d8 + your proficiency bonus, and gains a number of temporary hit points equal to 10 + your character level.

Malum - Negotiations. You gain proficiency in the Persuasion skill. You can make a Charisma check with advantage, and can do so again after you finish a long rest.
Additionally, you can cast the disguise self and suggestion spells, requiring no material components. Charisma is your spellcasting ability for these spells. You can cast each spell once in this way, and regain the ability to do so when you finish a long rest.

Kat - Records. You gain proficiency in the Arcana skill. Additionally, if you are unable to cast spells of 1st level or higher (either because you have no spellcasting ability, you have expended all your spell slots, or you have used all your innate spells), you can cast the following spells using Intelligence as your spellcasting ability:
At will: detect magic, mage hand, minor illusion
3/day each: comprehend languages, disguise self, faerie fire
1/day each: invisibility, locate object

Boots - Spy. Your spy makes it much harder for your enemies and even your allies to know what you’re up to. Your spy increases the DC for agents spying on you by 3 plus 1 per level of your spy’s network.
In addition, your spy knows which nearby folk might be interested in signing on to your service. Each time you roll on your followers chart, the spy lets you increase or decrease your roll by up to 3 plus 1 per level of your network. By this method you gain some measure of control over whom you recruit.

Blackfyre Tavern

Level 1, Establishment
Tulip Downs, Sunwood, Covania
Every three months the establishment generates 1,000gp revenue per level
The tavern is Blackfyre's first establishment and front in Mor-Thir, the day to day running of the front is managed by Boots, alongside two barkeeps Stuart a Lizardfolk and Lora a Human.

Effects - While within the Tulip Downs members gain the following benefits, the actions only being able to used once per day for anyone

  • Safe Haven, One ally per level of the rogue’s stronghold can hide in the rogue’s demesne, and no mundane or magical means will reveal their location. This ability does not work on the owner of the stronghold.
  • Concealment, You summon a fog cloud in a 60-foot radius that lasts for 1 minute. You and your allies can see through this fog as though it were merely a hazy mist that did not obscure vision.
  • Home Advantage, All enemies within 60 feet are marked for death. For the next minute, if you hit a marked enemy, you can remove its mark to deal an extra 6d6 slashing damage.
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