Adelina Thorn

Race Fairy
Gender Female
Nationality Thorn

Character Information

Class Druid
Born ?
Alignment ?
FamilyKing Magnus (Father)
Queen Celeste (Mother)
Amatheon (Older Brother)
Affiliations The Thorn Throne
la Cour Florale
ProfessionAdventurer (???-???)

Physical Description

Height ?
Weight ?
Skin ?
Eyes ?
Hair ?



Adelina Thorn was born a princess to the Thorn Throne, her parents King Magnus & Queen Celeste, with an older brother Amatheon born 12 years earlier. When Adelina was only 14 years old, the Thorn Throne and la Cour Florale went to war. Amatheon tried his best to not let Adelina get subjected to the horrors of the world they were in, but he couldn’t stop the raid that happened when Adelina was 17.

The raid was when a massive gap opened up on the Thorne’s side of the border, allowing the opposition to force their way into the castle. Amatheon fought his hardest along with 100 soldiers who were made to protect the inner workings of the massive castle.

Amatheon was the only survivor of the raid. After it was over, he hobbled up to Adelina’s quarters, an arrow piercing through his shoulder and others in his back and chest, all deep but miraculously missing the important organs.

Adelina healed him and helped him to his quarters. She went to her father’s throne to beg him to stop the war. She loved nothing more than her brother and her kingdom. This war could be the death of both.

He looked at her and told her it was none of her concern before getting guards to escort her back to her room and to lock her in. It took a lot of effort but she had escaped in the dead of night. She had gone down to a room in which she could never be in. She saw all the papers and plans on how her father wanted to massacre the opposition with no care or thought about the innocent lives that would be lost along the way.

Adelina stole the papers and flew into Amatheon’s quarters, waking him and expressing how they had to take matters into their own hands.

Amatheon originally declined and tried to talk Adelina out of going behind her fathers back but when he realised she would do it with or without him, he wanted to protect his sister, so although he didn’t agree with what she was doing, he went with her and help her as much as he could.

Adelina and Amatheon defected from the Thorn Throne, using their inside knowledge and many heirlooms to prove their new allegiance with the la Cour Florale. Shortly after gaining the Court’s trust, they learnt so much more about their parents and how nasty and evil they were. This made their blood boil at the thought they came from them.

After 19 years of fighting in the war against their father, Adelina had taken control of the armies and made allies with all the other kingdoms after warning them and saving them from her father’s armies. An opportunity arose to participate in a raid like they were on the other side of all those years ago. The two accepted.

Adelina and Amatheon went into the castle in a disguise as to not be recognised. They made it all the way into the castle. This time, however, there were 1200 soldiers ready to defend the tower. There were only 800 soldiers in their army

Although the odds weren’t good, Adelina led her troops to victory. She stormed into the throne room, where her father always resided with her army and her brother beside her.

Adelina and Amatheon approached their father, telling him that the war was over now and that they would never stop fighting.

King Magnus slowly surrendered, in shock of his children turning on him. He knew for the last 5 years he wasn’t going to win, but he never stopped trying.

as Adelina had her back turned, her father quickly threw a cursed dagger towards the back of her head.

Adelina heard Amatheon scream to look out. As she turned around, she saw the dagger flying toward her, as well as Amatheon who was running to get her out of the way. Amatheon pushed Adelina to the ground as the dagger entered his head on one side and flew out the other, blood pouring out and splattering on not only Adelina but also on the soldiers behind her. The soldier caught Amatheon’s body as it was falling.

Adelina looked at her father and summoned vines to grow out of the ground and bind him. She walked over to him and killed him in one of the most brutal ways. She looked at the blood on her hands and wiped it onto a piece of fabric, which she put in her pocket.

Adelina didn’t want to turn around, as she knew that her brother would be dead. She sank to her knees as one of her soldiers came over to her and tried to comfort her. Adelina slit his throat, then stood up. She walked to her brother and told the other soldiers that she didn’t need anyone’s pity. She ordered them to pick Amatheon up gracefully and return him to the castle they had been living in.

She told the soldiers to go back home and that she would be there not too long after. She told them to have all the arrangements done and ready so that Amatheon’s funeral will be ready when she gets there.

She proceeded through the castle, killing every single creature in the castle and around it. She took over the army and now was the head of the entire fairy realm.

if anyone dared to stop her, she would have them and their family executed.

Fleeing her past life Adelina has ended up in Sunwood, travelling with and joining the Blackfyre corporation



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