In-World Map

Felwind circa 12337

Felwind circa 12337 (WIP Region version)
Felwind circa 12337 (WIP Nation version)
Mor-Thir circa 12335 (Old map)

Mor-Thir is a landmass roughly the same height as Australia that holds that nations of the Reton Empire, Kingdom of Covania and Crown of Oxtrad.

Reton Empire
Reton is a land of turmoil and change, its leadership and alliances caught in a storm as nature itself seems to be the unseen leader and force of this historic region.
Kingdom of Covania
Covania is a harsh land with harsher rule, strength and intelligence is highly valued and needed to quell chaos and bring in law and order.
Crown of Oxtrad
Oxtrad is filled with old and powerful magic, which alongside its cold and mountainous terrain keep secrets and power within, the crown seemingly drawing in the hungry and corrupt.
The newest land in Felwind, prides itself on freedom of its peoples and nature. Unlike Reton which they defected from embrace nature's guidance.

Ostrov is the largest continent on Felwind and holds the nations of Athein, Uthasil, Griaca, and Meshela.

A land of harsh people and harsher weather, those who embrace and endure the storms of the land find themselves stronger and more independant for it.
Kingdom of Uthasil
Uthasil is a land destroyed and rebuilt by magic, all types of magic permeate the regions, you'll find ancient, psionic, and emerging power here.
Griaca is in constant conflict with itself as gods and their religions try to gain strenth and presence, at many of the tall peaks it is said you can meet the gods themselves.
Meshela Sovereignty
Claiming sovereignty the Meshelan peoples pride themselves in bettering the self through inner strength and skills over the use of magic.

Perditsula is a collection of three islands, that many guilds try to claim and control for themselves.

Perditsula Coalition

Promise, commonly known as the Promised Archipelago is a vast expanse of islands where many exiled, treasure hunters, and those trying to escape their past go to, forming their own nations and societies within.

Promised Archipelago

Travel per day
Method Hexes mi km
Flight 2 36 57.9
Horse 1.5 30 48.2
Foot 1 24 38.6
Stealth 0.5 18 28.9
Terrain Hexes mi km
Road +0.5 +6 +9.6
Fast* +0.5 +6 +9.6
Rough -0.5 -6 -9.6
Slow^ -0.5 -6 -9.6

One hex is 24mi wide
*Fast pace cannot stealth and can accure exhaustion
^Slow pace makes stealth easier and allow short rest during travel

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