Magic can be woven into almost anything and the most well know are inaminant objects. Everything from clothes to baskets with an even wider aray of effects.
Some items are literal gifts or curses from the gods themselves while others are student's first magic assiemnts gone wrong.

Magic items are classified into various arcatypes depending on thier strenght, rarity and how well they were crafted. simple system starting at common for things used in everyday life such as cloaks of protection and magic potions all the way up to Legendary for items that push the bounderies of magic lore and are offten very dangerous when in the wrong hands.

Aside from these we have Sentient, Artifacts and Relics these titles are special and are given to unique items.

Items given the title of artifact have normally been tampered with of crafted with powerful unstable magic. These items are offten items from the gods or devils themselves, but could also be normal magic items with powerful curses put over them or even completly new magic items that were made with such a level of expertise and tabbo magic that the very idea of it is unatual.
Artifact Traits

  • Artifacts are one of a kind.
  • Artifacts can't be destroyed by normal means.
  • Un-Attunemnt from an artifact normally requiers destruction.
  • Artifacts come with random positive and negitve effects.
  • Artifacts may be forged or reforged if its currently not in existance.

items given the title of Relic are offten items from long long ago holding unique and mysterious power. While not as powerful as Artifacts they do not come with any drawbacks and offten don't requier attunment. The problem is that relics cannot be altered or enchanted with magical means. Relics mcuh like artifacts nrmally have a long history however unlike artifacts Relics cannot be created or forged, luckily they are normally almost indestructable. thats what makes them Relics.
Relics cannot be enchanted, changed, created or Re-forged.
Relics are normally indistructable or almost.
Relics normally have no negitive drawbacks.
Relics normally don't require attunment.

Items given the title of Sentient is pretty much what it says on the lable. some sort of soul was involved with the creation of certian magic items giving them sentience. able to talk and have ideas. The level of intelligence varies depending on the item.
Some items have artificial souls normally resulting in the item being its personality
For example a wand of fireballs with an artificial soul will only know and care about the spell fireball and offten tell the owner to use it at all times.
More advanced sentience is normally in the form of a soul that had a previous existence and is now willingly or unwillingly trapped inside an object. The most common example are soul gems.
Sentient Traits

  • Normally a mundane object or an extreamly powerful one.
  • Can be any rarity
  • Never Require Attunmeant
  • Powerful Souls act on their own or attempt to possess other bodies.

Cursed Items
Some Magic items can have curses put on them on purpose or by accident for any number of reasons.
Cursed items normally default to the status of Artifacts due to the curse make a simple item very unique and powerful.
However unlike artifacts Cursed items need the curse lifted before being destroyed and are indestructible / un-deattunable until said curse is gone.
Curses can be placed, lifted or modified by only the most powerful of mage smiths

For artifacts and unique items see The Compendium.

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