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Cosmology Map

Primary Map

Outer: Ethereal Planes
Inner: Elemental Planes

Mount Celestia Bytopia Elysium Beastlands Arborea
Arcadia Ice Water Ooze Ysgard
Machanus Air Material Earth Limbo
Acheron Ash Fire Magma Pandemonium
The Nine Hells Gehenna Hades Carceri The Abyss

Not shown: Disconnected/Lost Planes
Axiom The Plane of uttermost law and home to the Inexrorables
The Menagerie Narkul's personal realm where he displays his collection

Material plane map

Good: Glimmer
Evil: Shadow
Lawful: Empyrean
Chaotic: Far

Empyrean Realm
Shadow Realm Harhaga Glimmer Realm
Far Realm

Harhaga system map

Pyre (Star/Sun)
Imid (Rock Planet)
Sentinel (Rock Planet)
Pericolosa (Earthlike Planet)
Felwind (Earthlike Planet) Aventia (Moon) Kellos (Moon)
Ensang (Rock Planet)
Miasma (Jovian)
Effluvium (Jovian)
Emanation (Jovian)
Algid (Ice Planet)
Gelid (Ice Planet)
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