The many planes host various beings and cultures, it isn't possible to go over all of them as there is diversity within each culture but here will list out major events or groups that have held large influence.

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From 12286 to 12335 Tieflings, Dragonborn, Aasimar, and Changelings were outlawed within Mor-Thir as a result of the Ashlem War, in 12335 this was changed to only Tieflings being outlawed as Blinding Spear took the blame, making the remaining members outlawed however were unable to clear Tieflings because of their demonic heritage.

A race of beings not born but created. The first warforged were created by the Wizard Huang Fei late in Age of Conquest (5000 - 7000) as more advanced golems, capable of indivdual thought and feelings, unbound to any master. With his creation his nationed ruled for thousands of years. However with the fall of Huang Fei's dynasty the creation of Warforged became a rare method. However there have been notable creations such as the clay and gemstone ones like Zyllis created by the Fire Giants of Nabilhime, S.A.M created from a sentient magic workshop, and the likes of Rathal created from dead discards combined with a fungus.

A species of solitary creatures has created a large and diverse array of dragons.


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While classes have a wide range of origins and roles, some lean towards certain lifestyles and origins. This is by no means a dictation on where player characters come from or have done, this is more inclined to NPCs and how the classes are viewed in the world. Below are details on less common or unique classes.

Many incorrectly assume the dynamic of Beasthearts are that of master and beast akin to rangers, their dynamic with creatures is more of a symbiotic nature, neither is the master over the other, both are free to do as they wish but their relation to each other goes beyond that of any 'owner and pet'.

Blood Hunter
Blood Hunter orders are sparse and few in members as they tend towards the darker elements of the world and life. Sacrificing parts of themselves to gain power, they are the monsters you hire to hunt monsters. Due to their small groups it is surprisingly common for Blood Hunters to go their own ways, distancing themselves from other hunters.

Often described as Anti-Paladins, they like to think themselves more of Knights of Hell. Illriggers serve the Arch-Devils of the Nine Hells and tasked with hunting other devils, disrupt enemy organizations, and command Hell’s armies. During their downtime, once they've earned freedom or escaped many work as mercenaries, thieves, assassins and spies.


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