Kademia Corporation

Decota Tales: Rarity Trade and Sale
Sick of risking your life for a useless portable hole? that +1 short sword just not giving you the flare you desire?
Come on by Decota Tales, I persoannly have crawled the deepest dungeons, raided the heftiest dragon hordes to find all manor of wonderful magic items to pass on to you the consumer. maybe i don't have what you want in stock? set up a commission with me personally, i guarantee your item within a year or half your gold back.
Open during the peak season of Covania's trading.

Unlisted:Unsavory tasks for Unsavory people

The Sea Spire, Place for all manor of eldritch learning.
A place of study and research into the eldrich arts.

Chaos's Bakery, Come for Morning Tea, Come for afternoon Tea, then come again tomorrow
A simple Bakery in an isolated town, many local friendly vibes with a wide variety of delicious pastries and deserts. Baked fresh daily by a crimson haired tabaxi.

Devil's Brews
Are you sick of the extraordinary high prices of potions? wanna be able to heal those painful wounds but don't wanna break the bank? I Cider have been working on a new alternative that won't hollow your coin purse. I Introduce my new range of dairy based potions. while not as effective they certainly are a fraction of the cost. and with my new paintedent quick access caps you won't need to spend those precious seconds to drink it rather than attacking.

Ozrelia's Mobile Druidic Services
As one of the most powerful Druids in Mor-Thir Ozrelia offers her power as a service for hire, need a loved one brought back from the dead? or a return ticket from another plane of exitance? Ozrelia offers her services at competitive prices. and what's more she can meet you. if your unable to make the trip to Oxtrad Ozrelia can come to you for a extra fee.

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