Memories of those Past

It’s a fact that we all must meet our end at some point. Here we remember player characters and other important characters as they were.

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Carric Corthdraw
Fellowship of the Alicorn, Chapter 1 - 3rd Thursday of Firemoot 12335 (C1:S10)
Carric's story was a very brief. He was saved from being a slave or sacrifice to find the Hand of Narkul, as he joined his saviours travelling deeper into an old monastery on Alemor Island. He met his end as many do drawing from the accursed Deck of Many Things, facing off against an avatar of death itself. Carric had little to no chance as his party watched on unwilling and unable to help.

Fellowship of the Alicorn, Chapter 2 - 2nd Friday of Reapmoot 12335 (C1:S19) 
Valerie’s soul was ripped from her body and sent to an unknown location guarded by powerful beings caused from drawing from the Deck of Many Things, although her body remains in a stable condition, with no clues or leads the group cannot restore her soul, they leave her body to rest in the temple in Sabersteel forever suspended in time.

Fellowship of the Alicorn, Chapter 3 - 2nd Saturday of Reapmoot 123335 (C1:S20) 
Mithrandir died from a death ray from a beholder in the basement of Carric’s Keep. His body was recovered from the basement and buried at Carric’s Keep after clearing the grounds and Keep of monsters.

Fellowship of the Alicorn, Chapter 2 - 4th Sunday of Firewane 12335 (C1:S11)
Rose kills the Black Knight and dons the armour.

Fellowship of the Alicorn, Chapter 6 - 3rd Monday of Harvest 12335 (C1:S36)
Rose was thrown off the edge of a floating island in the elemental plane of air, doomed to fall forever. Her cursed armour keeping her alive for an unknown time.

Sindri “Ironhide” Turen
Fellowship of the Alicorn, Chapter 9 - 2nd Monday of Reapwane 12335 (C1:S49)
Sacrifices his own life to Narkul so that the remaining party lives. After Ironhide's death Narkul instills the body with undeath as it rises emotionless unable to recognise his friends and party members.

The Land of Exilis, Chapter 2 - Unknown (C3:S7) 
A tragic tale of impossible odds against an unquenched love. Zonatar fell to the blade of her own Captain, a fact that still haunts Delta to this day. It's not all so tragic, Lady Valour saved Zonatar’s wife Sheila and now serves as her apprentice in memory of Zonatar’s bitter battle to the very end.
Robert set up bodyless graves for both Zonatar and Sheila at Lily Vale Cemetery in 12383

N-11 Lekgolo
The Land of Exilis, Chapter - Unknown (C3:S7) 
Lekgolo isn’t dead but he will never be found again, after letting the scared Old god free from the binds of Exilis his punishment is to wander the white shores of an endless beach belonging to nothing.
Robert set up a bodyless grave for Lekgolo at Lily Vale Cemetery in 12383

Greyhawk Rebellion, Epilogue - 2nd Week, Frostwane (C4:Ep) 
After Greyhawk declarerd independence Griss wasn't happy with its new leaders, constantly fighting ever decision they made even went as far as to sabotage a few plans. His anger got the better of him and he stormed out of Greyhawk keep swearing he would be back to take control.
He would never make good on his promise. His lust for power turning him to contact the pateron's for power, unknowingly making direct contact with one of the Old Gods which tor his mind and soul asunder.
His body however given new life by one of the Old God's most fateful servants. Now known as Kazrai Stem.

Dorian Kreese
Curse of Strahd: International, Chapter 9 - Unknown  
Dorian Kreese was eaten alive by one of the Duke's carnivorans plants, Nobody went to save him.
It is Unknown if he had any family to miss him but at least he will use up all his annual leave.

Post Year 12349 - Unknown  
After exile Zyllis vanished from all contact ending up in Perditsula where they formed a relationship with an old war surgeon. They lived together in off-set peace and quite for several years before a medical experiment when arry.
The virus incarnate Livion was able to force her physical self over Zyllis's body. Overtaking him mind and soul until there was nothing left and Livion was in the mortal plane. Zyllis suffered a terrible fate but so it happens to heroes that out live the title.

Fellowship of the Alicorn, Chapter 2 - 2nd Wednesday of Lowsun 12335 (C1:S17)

The Land of Exilis, Chapter - Unknown (C3:S6)
Parker was the brother of Robert and Robert’s main drive, Parker died in the City of Promise by his brother. Afterwards, the party left the dead bodies of Parker and his guards in vats of Livion Virus, causing a violent outbreak in the City. Robert glimpsed Valefor taking Parker’s body and vanishing in a bright light. Finding later that Parker’s body had been crucified with the Imprisonment spell (Chaining) on the same cross that had been following Robert around during the whole story. A fate worse far worse than death, suffering the collective presence of the old gods binding the 5th. It rots the very existence of the sacrificed for eternity.

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