Carric Corthdraw
Name Carric Player John Race Dark Elf Male Level 03
Alignment True Nutral Class Druid (3) Status Dead
Age 18 Birth 1st Monday of Frostmoot
HP 00 AC 00 SPD 00ft. Init +0
Bonus +0 Passive 00 Join C1-S09 Leave C1-S10
STR 00(+0) Save Athletics
DEX 00(+0) Stealth
CON 00(+0)
INT 00(+0) Save
WIS 00(+0)
CHA 00(+0)
Languages Common
Proficiencies Simple Weapons

Carric's time was short lived, not much is known about why he joined our heros. Was it for revenge? Maybe for curiosity? Whatever the reason he met his end when travelling into the Far Realm where they found the Deck of Many Things.

The deck is an ancient item older then most of the gods. Some believe that an item such as it was simply too cruel, too powerful to exist, Yet Carric came into possession of it.
Some of our Heroes were foolish enough to draw cards from this cursed item. Some seemed to have the god of good fortune smiling on them, others were horribly punished.
Although Carric did come into possession of Carric's Keep the next card he drew summoned the Avatar of Death.

A creature that seemed to suck the light around it and freeze time itself. Its not know if this is simply a puppet controlled by the gods or if it is in fact the god of death itself.
Either way Carric met his end in one fell swoop, the party to terrified to try and save him. His soul taken and his body faded to dust.

Some people say there was a smile on his face, as he didn’t have to deal with Hail of thorns anymore.

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