The Land of Exilis

Campaign 3

DM: Sam
Players: Kyle, Jhon, SamJG, Moritz, Alex

Charcaters: Robert, Johm, Amicus, Legelo, Zonotar

The Land of Exilis, Where Gods Fear to Tread

Core Weapons

After Exilis

five adventures from a variety of backgrounds find themselvs dragged into an alien world. only one will manage to leave.

The adventures get caght up in thier captins mess.

You owe me Decota, i helped you with your living problem and i expect to be paid in return. not in gld but with your tallents. i won't tell you when but when the time comes i will expect you to do some hunting for me.

Lights Dwindling
Sessions 1 to 2

Characters meet up

Introduced to thier captian.

set sail

Ship battle

Kraken attack

Exilis Shore.

Exilis train

introduction to Exilis

City of Valefor
Session 3

Great Sea Spire
Session 4

Drowned Beholder

Journey into the spire

Ruin Stem's office

Meet Stem

Free Delta

Piss Stem off

Chased by nurse creature.

Loose Amicus.

Curch of the Crawler
Session 5

Broken Promise
Sessions 6

End Game
Session 7

Return to the sea spire

Journey mcuh deeper.

upon the shores once again.

Zonatar and Delta fight.

Portal is opened.

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