The Land of Exilis

Campaign 3

Time line.

Notable Characters

Stem, Entered Exilis on accident before the Ashley war and returned after it but before rise of Narkul
Before 12264, After 12288.

Robert: Entered Exilis just as the war started, Returned from Exilis Just after the war. Entered: 12264, Returned 12286.

Delta: Entered Exilis just as the war was starting, Returned before the portals opened up in the borderlands.
Entered: 12264, Returned 12271

Zyllis: Entered Exilis after the war, returned some years later before rise of Narkul.
Entered: 12289, Returned 12329

Lights Dwindling
Sessions 1 to 2

City of Valefor
Session 3

Great Sea Spire
Session 4

Curch of the Crawler
Session 5

Broken Promise
Sessions 6

End Game
Session 7

Technical page

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