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Time has steered as a group of Heroes find themselves in this accursed land like many before them and many after them.
They come as the land is being ravaged by the livion virus, the citizens don't seem to worry but its obvious the land is dying. a new threat coming from the celestial themselves. the sun is close to rising and its up to our heros to prevent the gods will and save the way of Exilis.

Level 15 starting point
3-5 players
Short Story

The party face a threat that none have faced before, the new gods aim to purge the toxcicity of the livion virus by destroying the dimention Exilis with thier radiance, With the help of a proud Kobuld the party will wield the power of the very Outer Entities themselfs to fight back the radiance and leave the land of Exilis in deep peace.

A group of adventures awaken to find they are in the depths of the sea spire, time is ticking as they must escape. starting with nothing but a trinket, and a will to survive they must make their way past the horrors of the tower.
other patients roam the halls, malformed creatures stalk the shadows and the nurse whispers death as it shifts along the wet walls.
You can save others or just yourselves. Time is not on your side.

4-8 Players
Level 10 Characters

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