Campaign 6

DM: Sam
Players: Amber, Ida, Luke, Kyle

Sessions, Secrets,

Master Theren , Aldrun , Gwyndolin , Silvester

As rebellion brews in the west of Mor-thir up north in the cold depths of Oxtrad the Queen Welington is making plans of her own.

She has had her subordinates located the bodies of 4 heroes from ages past. graves dug up and robbed or lost bodies found your remains have been transported across the land to the darkest depths of the Queen's chambers.
A hero can mean many things, perhaps you were a simply soldier that performed extraordinary feats, a local town hero that mad a name helping anyone in need, a slayer of the most terrifying beats to prowl the land or just a really good story teller. whatever your past your name is well known in parts or all of Mor-thir.

However you died you have been ripped away from your pleasant or not so pleasant afterlife to rejoin the world of the living against your will, you may see this as a blessing or a curse but either way you are now loyal summoned undead servant to the Queen of Oxtrad.

The Queen has a few tasks for you that she cannot trust her normal soldiers to carry out. they require some less then savory actions that she dose not want traced back to her or Oxtrad, so instead dead heroes will do. your names and legends have all garnered her approval. She offers you that once you have carried out the tasks for her she will release your souls, either returning you to the afterlife or even completely resurrecting you if you wish, but until then you are under her watch and command.

Queen wellington mentions that you are still infact undead and may wish to hide that fact from normal people. she has also outfitted you with a variety of starting equipment and funds as well as managed to dig up a special artifact that was buried with you.

you will start at level 5
Any race or class

Your character is undead this means a few things.
Your character will be noticed by normal citizens as an undead if you fail to cover obvious things such as your face. Masks, hoods, cloaks or disguise kits/ spells are recommended.
Your resistances to elemental spells are normal except for necrotic and radiant, no matter your race you will have resistance to necrotic and weakness to radiant.
You have advantage against disease saving throws.
Healing spells such as lesser restoration and healing potions deal damage instead of healing, However you may tamper with a potion costing half the price of the potion and 10 minuets to make it heal undead.

Your character will start with an Artifact magic item.
Guidelines for this item.
Any magic item can be an artifact item. A magic item converted into an artifact will have Artifact pros and cons rolled for it and a unique name.
The Artifact should have some relation to your character and past life, More lore the better.
The prefix of artifact means there is only one of this item, it can't be crafted or further enchanted. you cannot use an Artifact that has already been established in Mor-Thir lore (Example the deck of many things)
The Pros and cons for an Artifact will be Rolled by the DM and kept secret until the player learns of the details through gameplay.

Starting Gear

As corpses given new life all the starting gear you would normally get from your class and background is forfite.
Instead the Queen will supply you with supplies and equipment for your long journey.

Any non-magic martial/simple weapon. This weapon will have a natural +1 to its Hit+Dmg being forged from Oxtrad steel.


Tampered Potions
2x Healing potion (tampered)
1x Greater healing potion (tampered)

1 weeks supply of Rations per character

Bags of Holding x2
Any other supplies characters can think of can be requested

Choice between a mount each or a wagon to share.

-Mounts are war horses fitted with saddle bags and strong saddels.

-Cart is pulled by four war horses specially bread for Oxtrad's conditions.

700 Gold, 200 Silver each.

Extra stuff that the characters may want, Trinkets, Glitter, paper etc.

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