Session 1: Death's Cold Embrace

Master Theren, Dr Silvester, and Aldrun, slayer of fiends are woken from their sleep in death, reserected to find themselves in the depths of Oxtrad’s capital. Lead by a stranger cloaked creature to the Queen of Oxtrad herself. They are brought up to speed on what has been happening in the world since their sleep and are tasked with some terrible tasks, a simple but long escort mission and the retrieval of some items of power.

After gearing up and exploring the town they stock up, identify some of their items, meet some locals and are off into the blizzard.

Meeting the young master they are to escort and a showman poseing as a guide the group set off in their wagon.
A few days travel passes with a few close calls with the native monsters and Theren's unstable mind the group come across Tomma's gate, the last opportunity to see the Northern Oxtrad for a long time.

Session 2: The Long Road

The groups stop in Tomma's gate is short lived with a few new supplies under their belt and the young master happy the aim to set off once again.
before being stopped by a desperate woman

Session 3: Lost boy

Our adventures are on the trail of their escort's kidnappers. After getting into Hamlet a not so friendly city reserved for Oxtrad people that didn't agree with the current ruler the adventures learn a bit about the nature of their situation and an idea that something far bigger us planned was planted.

They learned that the kidnapper was headed to Dracossaury

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