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Grand Timeline

This Timeline focuses around the Material plane and the happenings on it

Age of Chaos

??? to -100,000 - Chaos
The Age of Chaos is when the Old Gods first came into existence, it is unknown how or why they came to be but they spent their time creating the many planes and worlds of Nightcall. It is said this time was full of building, growth, and destruction creating uninhabitable conditions for any mortal being.

Age of Dawn

-100,000 to -78,000 - Dawn
The Age of Dawn marked the first introduction of life other than the Old Gods these first are called the Origin Races; Amphibian, Avian, Reptilian & Mammalian which all quickly evolved into powerful beings such as Krakens, Angels, Dragons, and Elves

Age of Growth

-78,000 to -35,000 - Growth
After the Origin races split into Krakens, Angels, Dragons, and Elves which all split in all the natural inhabitants of the worlds and planes excluding other humanoids such as Humans, Dwarves, Orcs, Gnomes, etc.

Age of Conflict

-35,000 to -21,000 - Conflict
Multiple violent wars broke out between Elven societies causing an eruption of magic and curses. During the wars many discovered enlightenment or grew in such power they became the New Gods.

Age of Budding

-21,000 to 0 - Budding
The curses during the Age of Conflict mutated Elves reducing their lifespan and changing their bodies, these cursed Elves left and started creating their own cultures with their best joining the New Gods. After the wars and curses many were afraid or cautious of magic.

Age of Flowering

0 to 7,000 - Flowering
The Age of Flowering was a time of low magic but the magic that was around was very powerful, Many focused of building their cultures and fixing the land and establishing governments and nations, although there was wars but not on the massive scale seen in the Age of Conflict.

Age of Kingdoms

7,000 to 14,000 - Kingdoms
As time passed many forgot the time of war and threat of magic as it grew to become common place again but as nations grew so did tensions and war, as magic grew others sought power from the physical materials of the world.


Rise of Narkul 12,335 → Ongoing

The Promised Archipelago Unknown

The Land of Exilis 12,333 → 12,383

Greyhawk Rebellion 12,335 → Ongoing

City of Cinders Unknown

Age of Mechanum

14,000 to 17,000 - Mechanum
The Age of Mechanum started the main stream adoption of gunpowder, steam, electricity and automatons which could rival the power of magic with shear force and ease of access to those who could not harness magic.

Age of Cleansing

17,000 to 18,000 - Cleansing
After growing power of the mechanical and disdain of magic, global powers outlawed magic and any races deemed to be corrupted by magic, during this time there was massacres in the millions and destruction of history and cultures, the majority was destroyed forcing those who remained to travel to remote locations and or going into hiding. Around 17,700 all common methods of planar travel was destroyed severing the material world from all other planes.

Modern Age

18,000 to 21,000 - Modern
With a small number of Elves remaining as members of high society seeking out and watching for any signs of of magic returning, the remaining population is made up of Humans most unaware of the elves or that the myths and stories of magic and extraordinary creatures are or were real at one point in time as the elves manipulate the world to forget about the past.

Technologic Age

21,000 to 26,000 - Technologic
As technology grew Humans started an age of cyberization and off world colonies and expeditions to other planets, the majority of Felwind has become large sprawling cities with desolate and exhausted landscapes in between from war and gathering resources.

Age of Dusk

26,000 to ??? - Dusk
The truth of the past comes to light causing massive wars leaving everything in a post-apocalyptic world.

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