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City of Cinders
Story: Butterfly

The Grand Timeline
Age of Wonder
0 → 1000Introduction of magic, very raw and chaotic time.
Age of Darkness
1000 → 2500Devastating wars and curses plague the world.
Age of Gold
2500Majority of new Gods ascend during this time.
3400Lady Greyhawk creates the Swords of Greyhawk and ascends to godhood.
5000Age of Gold ends.
Age of Conquest
5000 → 7,000Continent of Ostrov taken over by one ruler, forcing the next age.
Age of Expansion
7000Further exploration on the world; Mor-Thir, Promised Archipelago and other locations flooded with those leaving Ostrov.
7599The Northern lands are given their first ruler, King Oxtrad.
7999Wire Plague hits Oxtrad lands.
8490Oxtrad's war with the Underdark begins.
8507Oxtrad's war with the Underdark ends.
8600The first Warforged is created by the giants.
8700Dragon Crisis begins during the establishment of the Kingdom of Covania.
8900Dragon Crisis ends and Covania begins to grow and prosper.
9110The 3rd king of Oxtrad King Tomma is assassinated and civil war breaks out within Oxtrad.
9212Oxtrad gets its 4th ruler known as Queen Fate who begins the 1000 year journey to recover and rebuild Oxtrad to its former glory.
9726Rose begins her time loop.
9728Story: Butchered Story of a bitter Dragon from Dragon Crisis sowing seeds of revenge using her daughter.
10000Age of Expansion ends.
Age of Kingdoms begins
10000Kingdoms, Empires, etc. that were established in the past age now at political tension.
10653King Dauthos Killed by Narkul, A Nameless Hero banished Narkul but died during the banishment.
10745-10749Story: The Fall of Nabilhime - The fortress city of Nabilhime on Oxtrad's Borders is invaded and left in ruins by a unknown cult lead by beholders.
10754Story: Stowjaw Scraps Told from the perspective of diary entries giving vauge details of the Stowjaw prison in its prime and one particular inmate's escape.
10756Narkul returns but once again is defeated losing his hand in the process.
11826Story: Mighty Tales of Aldrun
12025Story: Sarren's Gambit
12245Story: Caelynn & Varis
? The Ashlem War breaks out between Covania and Oxtrad at the Ashlem Rise border.
Story: First day Annabell's telling of the start of the Ashlem War
Campaign 3 (The Land of Exilis) begins.
Delta, Johm, Lekgolo, Robert, Venenum, & Zonatar enter Exilis.
Age of Kingdoms continues
12270Large rifts from The Nine Hells appear throughout the Ashlem Rise decimating forces on both Covania and Oxtrad sides.
12271Ravi & Stem return from Exilis.
12272The Royal Conglomerate is formed between Covania and Oxtrad, allying to defeat the demonic invasion.
? The Ashlem War between the Royal Conglomerate and the Nine Hells ends with the closing of the rifts.
Story: The Last day Annabell's telling of the end of the Ashlem War
Events of Story: Orders are orders Telling of when Zyllis and his comrades crossed a line they once heled unwavering.
Zyllis enters Exilis
? Introduction of outlawed races in Covania and Oxtrad. These races include Tieflings, Dragonborn, Dialias, Aasimar, and Changelings. Many flee the continent of Mor-Thir towards the Promised Archipelago.
Campaign 2 (Promised Archipelago) Starts and ends.
Johm & Robert return from Exilis.
Campaign 3 (The Land of Exilis) ends.
? Reton Empire forced into joining the Royal Conglomerate.
Introduction of outlawed races in Reton.
ReapwaneStory: Grand Opening Telling of Decota Tails Grand opening and Ravi's time in Hazelpost during trade season.
? Zyllis returns from Exilis.
FiremootCampaign 1 (Rise of Narkul) begins.
Carric Corthdraw dies to an avatar of death.
FirewaneRose kills the Black Knight and dons the armour.
ReapmootValerie's soul become trapped in an unknown location.
Mithrandir dies from a beholder's death ray.
Duke Federic Rollo of Greyhawk Forest assassinated.
HarvestNarkul returns, summoned by the Cult of Narkul at Pinga's Monastery.
Rose is thrown off a floating island in the Elemental Plane of Air.
ReapwaneCampaign 4 (Greyhawk Rebellion) begins.
Ironhide sacrifices his own life to Narkul so that the remaining party lives.
Story: Ravi's Service
Campaign 1 (Rise of Narkul) ends.
Campaign 6 (The Queen's Monsters) begins, (Aldrun, Gwyndolin, Silvester, and Theren resurrected)
FrostmootOutlawing changes to just contain Tieflings, all others are pardoned.
Duke Miguel Rollo dies at the Battle for Ruststille
Thomas Rollo's title of Duke of Greyhawk is revoked. Greyhawk Rebellion sets in motion plans to establish independence from the Reton Empire and Royal Conglomerate.
DeepsnowGreyhawk formally claims independence from Reton.
? Story: Ravi's Promise Escaped from Narkul's cult but not entirely free, A deal that lead to her escape must now be paid off in the Promised Archipelago.
Story: The Queen's day Annabell's few days leading up to her third death and the beginning of campaign 7. Planning to meet the leaders of the newly established Greyhawk but she never makes it.
SeedmootCampaign 7 (Acsension of Narkul) & Campaign 9 (Blackfyre) begins.
Story: Ozrelia & Company The Druid Ozrelia has made the move from Griaca to Covania to establish a new small time business for herself and study new fauna but she gets caught in the crossfire of organised crime.
King Dauthos' Lost Keep is rediscovered in the Mulburg Marsh.
HarvestStory: Meeting an Old Friend Teo is taking his family on a small journey to meet his old friend Bemin to catch up and invite the lizardfolk to Teo and Chaos's wedding.
RaindownStory: Elisia's Life After Brovaria The Monstrous snake librarian Elisia has returned from an ordeal in the land of Brovaria. Drastically changed and suffering a time skip this is a telling of her epilogue and the beginning of a new religion on the Promised Archipelago.
DeepsnowStory: Spire's Master Kazrai has closed down the Sea Spire to begin a new chapter in her life. Telling of the events leading up to campaign 10 and her hopeful acceptance into Remon's Academy.
RaindownStory: Raishin's First Job Raishin's introduction within society is a steep learning curve. Picking up odd jobs here and there until something inevitably goes wrong.
FrostmootCampaign 10 (Whispers of the Wilds) begins.
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