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This Timeline focuses around the Material plane and the happenings on it

Campaign Timelines
Campaign 1 - 2335 AC → Ongoing
Campaign 2 - ? AC → Ongoing
Cyberpunk - 3241 PP → 3241 PP
Online 1 - 2355 AC → Not started

The Formation (TF)

The formation is the period where the Old Gods formed the stars and planets in the galaxy, it is unknown how long this age lasted or what happened to the Old Gods but they left the worlds to develop and grow on their own

Pre Cataclysm (PC)

The time of New Gods and Old magic, during this time planets went under major changes empires grew and fell, some overnight. many of the cities and temples became lost to time along with their treasure and magic.

New Gods

Beings of various Planets grew strong enough to be able to ascend and become the Gods creating their own planes and were worshiped up to and after the Cataclysm

The Cataclysm

The cause of The Cataclysm is largely unknown but is likely to be a war between Gods that caused many to die and planes to collide into each other the effects caused new magic to enter the material world and enable planar travel, this new magic caused the more powerful old magic to die out which makes planet shaping and becoming a god much harder

After Cataclysm (AC)

It didn't take long after the Cataclysm for beings to start travelling between planes and introducing new magics into the material plane and for new empires to replace the old which was devastated during the Cataclysm


Campaign 1 begins

The start of the Purge

Post Purge (PP)

The start of a new age, a large powerful group of Humans grew to hate magic, other planes and other humanoids setting out to reform the world and start what would be the age of Modernism, Cyberpunk and Space travel.
The Purge was successful, the group drove magic and creatures away those who did survive, survived in the underbellies and remote locations of the world, knowledge of magic and exotic humanoids was largely lost as the group burnt libraries and deployed propaganda throughout the world.

The Cleansing







Start of the Cyberpunk age

Cyberpunk Campaign

Space Age


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