New Season Real
Seedmoot Spring March
Raindown Spring April
Seedwane Spring May
Firemoot Summer June
Highsun Summer July
Firewane Summer August
Reapmoot Autumn September
Harvest Autumn October
Reapwane Autumn November
Frostmoot Winter December
Deepsnow Winter January
Frostwane Winter February

1st Monday of Seedmoot, First Seed (New year)
4th Sunday of Harvest, Harvest Close
2nd Friday of Deepsnow, Winter Solstice

Unknown: (WIP) 4 Apoliths assend to a higher egsistance becoming the 4 Old gods we know today.

The Nine Hells: Overlordship moves from a single deity to 9 seperate overlords.

Western Lands: The Giants build their great City

Eastern Lands: The first of the Valkaries

Mor-Thir: Eldrich war

Felwind: The first new gods Emerged and Banished the Apoliths

Mor-Thir: First king of Oxtrad

Mor-Thir: King Darthmous and his lichdom

Mor-Thir: The Ashlem war

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