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Rise of Narkul

Campaign 1

Chapter 1

The Forsaken
Sessions 1 to 6
Our story begins in the early morning of the 1st Wednesday of Highsun 12335, the warm rising sun shines over the city of Whitkin. A motley group gathers after accepting a local contract to deliver food and mining supplies to the town of Meford, three days south.

The group comprises of an executive of the Kademia Corporation. Mackenzie Kademia a young man with a large afro, stuck inside hides a peanut. His family sent him away from the family estate to explore the world and grow the business. Hopping just behind him is Singsong Hopalong a white and orange Secretary Kenku. Kicked out of the flying circus for mimicking a warlock and gaining powerful magic. Ever since he has been following Mackenzie.

Packing the cart is a large Lizardfolk, Bemin a monk from Pinga’s Monastery. Bemin uses metaphors but doesn’t understand how they work, but that doesn’t stop him from trying at every moment. Profesor Stem, a scholar from the Great Sea Spire off the coast of Whitkin, is conducting personal research on the mainland. Stem is a collection of tentacles covered by a cloak, with a bowl filled with eyes sits atop with a top hat. Stem stands nearby, watching over the loading of goods.

Once the group gathered and packed, the newly formed group sets out south toward Meford. First two days of travel were quiet. On the final day they came across a makeshift blockade, guarded a group of three bandits who demanded them to surrender the cart. Stem used magic to make the leader of the group allow them safe passage. Passing them, they arrived safely and delivered the cart to its destination.

To celebrate their success, the group headed to the local inn. The Leaky Tap a well kept two-story inn and tavern. The tavern was alive with activity on the fine Friday evening as the group quickly found they hosted various party games between two teams of five. Eager to join in, they found a High-Elf woman with silver hair and a long bow on her back. She stood alone observing the tavern. Mackenzie was first to approach quickly being laid out on the ground by the Elf. After easing tensions, she introduced herself as Caelynn from the Greyhawk Rangers and reluctantly joined in the weekly tavern games. Concluding a couple hours later they emerged victorious.

The next morning, Caelynn informed the others about bandits on the north road to Whitkin, and the contract put out for them. Liking the sound of coin and thinking back to their ease of passage they set off headed back towards where they saw the blockade

Chapter 2

Alemor Island
Sessions 7 to 19

Chapter 3

Carric's Keep
Sessions 20 to 24

Chapter 4

Cult of Narkul
Sessions 25 to 30

Chapter 5

Pinga's Monastery
Sessions 31 to 35

Chapter 6

Narkul the Risen
Sessions 36 to Current

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