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For a more story like summary see Rise of Narkul

Session Title Summary
1 D&D Singsong, Mackenzie, Bemin and Stem form a group and are contracted to deliver supplies from Whitkin to Meford, but things don’t go as smoothly as one might think.
2 D&D After a successful delivery the group enjoy a night of bar games where Caelynn joins the group and pick up a contract to kill bandits on the road between Whitkin and Meford
3 D&D A stray cat is found and the group capture a few bandits turning them in, they head back out and find the outpost and slaughter the camp, as they leave they find Neo by the side of the road
4 D&D Group returns to Meford turning in the bounties, they travel to Thetford and go shopping
5 Forest Fires & Bread Baskets As the group leaves Thetford Stem finds a magical bread basket and accidentally lights a part of the Greyhawk forest on fire. Just before reaching town the group harasses a dead apple farmer
6 Drunkards & Towers The group arrive to Sestone and after getting very drunk try breaking into Valmos tower, Mack and Singsong steal a boat traveling to Alemor and slaughter some bandits hiding on the island
7 Gnolls & Cat Rest of the group travel to Alemor island where they kill some Gnoll raiders and Singsong eats Caelynn's cat
8 Rats & Frogs Neo finds the group who save Teo and Mithrandir. Leaving Singsong and Mackenzie behind, Bemin nearly dies to a ghost and Zaharel a druid working for a man named Guthber is slain
9 Severed Heads & Rifts After saving Carric from Zaharel the group delve deeper and enter the caves under the monastry, finding and attacking Guthber who in search of the Hand of Narkul
10 Cards & Fates The group travel into the rift and find the Tome of the Far Realm and a Deck of many things, which spells disaster and fortune to the group as Carric is slain by an avatar of Death and Gashadokuro now hunts Caelynn
11 Relaxation & Black Knight Group travel north to Sabresteel after 10 weeks of down time and hearing about ruins containing treasure and rumors of another portal
12 Lost Coin & Riddles The group arrive in Sabresteel, Teo loses his coin pouch after a failed robbery. They travel back south on foot to the ruins and find some magical items and potions
13 Found Coin & Bandits After resting in the ruins they travel back north and take the turn off to the portal where they took down a small group sent to kill Heleste in Whitkin, the group continue the path find the portal and clear the area, Teo finds some of his lost coin and Bemin runs off after a near death experience with a giant constrictor
14 Fireballs & Paladin …where to start. Ironhide is sent by Ulaa to cleanse the land of foulness, Valerie gets a loyal clone, the town gets partly blown up and Illegal enchantments are performed.
Special Christmas 2018 One Shots
15 Travel & Demons The group travel from Sabresteel to Whitkin following the road most of the way but when they deviate find an old overgrown road guarded by a devil that has a resemblance to Dave Grohl
16 Oozes & Trade The group teleport to Sestone, travel to Alemor and enter the Far Realm fighting oozes while Guthber and Prof.Stem make a trade. They also rescue Souno as they leave the Far Realm
17 FIREBALL & Guthber Guthber a crispy boi now
18 Civil & War The group exit the Far Realm and close the portal behind them finding themselves in a burnt section of the Greyhawk forest just a days journey East of Sestone
19 Skeletons & Wishes Closed the burnt forest portal and the Alemor island portal. Traveled north to Sabresteel portal and closed it. Valerie and Ray drew the final cards from the deck of many things
20 Keeps & Goblins The group travel south of Sabresteel to reopen the portal and search for missing people and adventures on the otherside they found a Black Dragon group gave into the dragon's demands and left closing the portal behind themselves. After collecting their reward they set out at night to find Carric's Keep which had a small group of goblins that had setup camp.
21 Zombies & Ghosts The group enter the keep finding zombies on the ground floor and Ironhide has a close call with a Beholder in the basement, Teo shoots Rose in the back and then the group are haunted by a pair of ghosts. Jorgan found a large tapestry that he took back to town to sell.
22 Mimics & Beholder(s) Cleared out top floor of the Keep, finding many mimics and a pair of Necromancers. They then prepared to raid the basement where a Beholder is protecting a vault door, Mithrandir snuck down alone and instantly died, the rest of the group charged down killing the beast and Teo triggered a trap that summoned a duplicate from his blood, duplicate Teo was quickly killed and shortly after Rose took the blood from the Beholder and triggered the trap again this time summoning the Beholder
23 Vault & Loots Killed the second beholder after it petrified Souno and giving a few others close calls, collapsing a pair of pillars and destroying the roof. After killing it the vault unlocked while most ran back upstairs, Rose, Jorgan and Zyllis entered the vault managing to retrieve the items before collapsing
24 Whitkin & Griffon After clearing the keep Ironhide gains Torm and a Griffon under his service. Ironhide also arranges repairs and cleaning of the keep. Two new adventurers, Victoria and Demaoratos join the group set out to Whitkin where Rose gets in trouble with the Sea Spire
25 Lost Hand & Dead Duke Rose escapes the Great Sea Spire and returns to main land. Ironhide has lost the Hand of Narkul. Teo assassinantes Duke Federic. Demaoratos makes an old and lone farmer disappear.
26 Cultists & Trades Teo trades the Hand of Narkul to the Cult of Narkul while the rest of the group travels north to investigate Toumond Estate where a group of cultists were searching the rubble and a ranger escapes, Caelynn finds a badly burnt notebook containing items to assist with a ritual
27 Ulaa & Not West Ironhide and the party receive a personal visit from Ulaa on their way back to Whitkin informing them the hand is moving west of Whitkin, Once in town they have a very uneasy meet up with Teo and discover that Heleste's shop and home destroyed and the proceed North
28 Rifts & OldTree After passing the town of Rustille the group decide to do a 180 and travel into the Greyhawk forest where they find Caelynn's hometown with a large rift in the center and all but two members enter the rift where they are faced by a large skeleton army, the two who did not enter Teo and Demaoratos travel North again to the town of OldTree where they find the Reton Empire getting ready to 'cleanse' the towns of Greyhawk from Outlawed races
Special Murders & Attacks One Shot that occurs during sessions 26 to 29, where Duke Myghell's personal guard take care of some tasks
29 Gashadokuro & Fire traps The group fight Gashadokuro in the far realm almost defeating him before he vanished, after which the group travel through the portal they saw Sovereign go through as they find themselves in an enclosed room with notes and medical equipment. As they try to leave they set of a trap which set the building ablaze.
30 Library & Tension Everyone escapes the library and assist with putting out the blaze but as it clears the portal is still open and opens further as Gashadokuro comes through but is killed by Ironhide and the card in Caelynn's possession disappears. Teo tries to make am mends with Ironhide.
31 Bemin & Pinga's After reuniting the group discuss with Adah and Temple who have a lead in the Marsh as Teo gets a lead at Ruststille. They set off towards the town and find the town brainwashed and lead the group to Pinga's where they find Seeker selling Lizardfolk slaves, one of which is Bemin, Ironhide distracts Seeker and starts an attack on the Monastery.
32 Infinite Room & Lizardfolk The group fight and start to clear the Monastery, Jorgan briefly gets caught in an infinite room in the basement as a Ironhide manages to calm an approaching lizardfolk army, after regrouping they head up to the roof where they find a ritual summoning in progress.
33 Banishment & Summoning A fight breaks out on the roof where the group fought the Ear and Seer, the Ear was pushed off the tower but seemingly survived meanwhile Seer was caught by Ironhide's Griffon and in hope of killing Ironhide banished the Griffon causing the two to fall 160ft killing Seer, a summoned Erinyes provides trouble to Teo and Gaze.
34 Floating Island & Narkul The group crack the secret to the infite room and find Narkul has been summoned Ros falls and accepts Narkul's deal to join him and is tasked to convert or capture the rest of the party.
35 Split Party & Plane Shifting Ironhide and Victoria try to fight against Narkul by themselves as Teo goes missing, Delta comes across the floating island and pleads to save Ironhide and Victoria's lives but failed as they are plane shifted away
36 Narkul & Sovereign
37 Twists & Turns
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