Level 12 Note Your character will be at level 12 for a majority of the Champaign so create them with this in mind that you will not be receiving level ups for an extended period of time.

Class Any officially published or listed in the Classes list

Species Any race in the Species list.

Background You have a need, and urge or a desire to reach the fabled land of the Fey-Wilds. Perhaps something precious was taken or stolen from you. A special sword. a rare book or even your voice!.
Perhaps a friend, family or a foe has gotten to the fey wilds and you are trying to track them down.
Or maybe you are a simple scholar who is researching the land of they Fey, wanting to get some first hand experience?
even you may have simply gotten caught up with the rest of the party and just going with the flow.
What ever the reason this is your characters goal. meeting up in town where you herd there was information on how to get to the fey-wilds

Gear & Other

  • 5000Gp + 1d10x100Gp (This will be used to purchase your starting Gear and may be spent before session 1 by asking the DM)
  • One uncommon item
  • One Rare Item

Campaign 10 - Ida
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