Arno Kell

Name Arno Kell
Race Drow
Gender Male
Nationality Greyhawk

Character Information

Class Battlemaster Fighter
Born -
Alignment Lawful
Languages Common, Elvish
Affiliations Whispers of the Wilds
The Drannor Migration
Faith Oghma
ProfessionAdventurer (???-???)

Physical Description

Height ?
Weight ?
Skin Dark Grey
Eyes Red
Hair White (Shoulder Length)


Ability Scores
Saving Throws
Acrobatics (Dex) +0 Medicine (Wis) +0
Animal Handling (Wis) +0 Nature (Int) +0
Arcana (Int) +0 Perception (Wis) +0
Athletics (Str) +0 Performance (Cha) +0
Deception (Cha) +0 Persuasion (Cha) +0
History (Int) +0 Religion (Int) +0
Insight (Wis) +0 Sleight of Hand (Dex) +0
Intimidation (Cha) +0 Stealth (Dex) +0
Investigation (Int) +0 Survival (Wis) +0


Save DCModifier
CantripsSpell 1
Spell 2
1st lvl SpellsSpell 1
Spell 2
2nd lvl SpellsSpell 1
Spell 2
3rd lvl SpellsSpell 1
Spell 2
4th lvl SpellsSpell 1
Spell 2
5th lvl SpellsSpell 1
Spell 2
6th lvl SpellsSpell 1
Spell 2
7th lvl SpellsSpell 1
Spell 2
8th lvl SpellsSpell 1
Spell 2
9th lvl SpellsSpell 1
Spell 2

Spell Slots

1st lvl2nd lvl3rd lvl
4th lvl5th lvl6th lvl
7th lvl8th lvl9th lvl


  • Sociable
  • eager
  • Contemplative
  • Methodical


  • Knowledge of the greater powers in this world or the next
  • Yearn for answers of his mother's disappearance
  • adventure and glory

'Broom boy' growing up. Seen practicing swordsmanship with a broom handle Farm hand. Poor family. Racial tensions towards him and family.

In his early mid teens he was brought into a 'holy sect' later Arno would learn it to be a Cult called The Watching eyes. Before leaving, his mother gave him a lock of her hair with two blue beads strung up into a necklace. This was a means of 'protection' and to remember her by. Strangely this felt like a goodbye.

Attitude towards Arno's with his arrival was aggressive in the best of days. There was an attempted poisoning but with his natural resilience he awoke during attempted harming acts and was able to fight off/ escape. During his escape Arno met with a real paladin whilst escaping/ fighting and they were able to absolve the false sect, locking up the perpetrators. Though this was only a small portion of the Cult's influence.

Attempting to reunite with his mother left naught but a gapping hole in his heart. She has up and vanished without a trace one night. The home which he once knew was rotten and uncared for. The half orc paladin, named Sir Viktor, seeing Arno in a state of unknown wished to take the boy under his wing, not for worship but for training.

Skip ahead a decade and now he's a fighter. More of a mercenary looking for ways to help while travelling. Words to hang onto from his mentor were “you'll find your calling soon enough, just keep searching my friend”.

Arno has been curious about religion since his time with the paladin. His downtime is spent reading up or figuring out the practices of different worshipping sectors. From the high heavens worshipped by man - to the barbaric and vicious teaching of the War God Bane. This helps keep Arno connected to parts of the world he has yet to see. Always being inquisitive on how different beings to their teachings.

On his travels, from time to time the two beads on the necklace would resonate on nights when it's a new and full moon. A mystical voice calls to him. Yearning to be heard. The voice wasn't too dissimilar to his mother but this voice had some wonder to it. No matter how hard Arno tried to reach the voice, either from running towards it or calling back - there was no way of responding.

The words kept repeating; “Arno, find the portal. Find the fey wearing your necklace. Find me”. Something otherworldly has drawn him onto a new path. Both for a new adventure and for answers.




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