Campaign 8

Whether born here or came from Mor-Thir, I welcome you to Perditsula. A land ruled by nature, shadowed in magic, with ancient history buried within. Civilisation struggles to maintain a foothold in the untamed lands. Where guilds hold more power than any nation. These stories take place 45 years after the end of the Ashlem War, the original colony ships arrived to the three islands of Perditsula 37 years ago but tribal communities have been around much longer. Many guilds, businesses, and peoples seek to hire adventures, mercenaries, and other professionals to aid in their strifes and goals. Join a guild, make your own, or stay independent.

Our adventures begin in Cessanding, largest city and the first established from the colony ships, two of the major guilds have their main base here: Chalwen & Mormont, a once noble court now divided but working together to maintain their limited rule, and Springwell Holdings, a trade guild who aided in the initial transport of people and supplies, now control and maintain the flow of resources. A recent influx of troubles have caused the two major guilds and many minor guilds and peoples to post contracts seeking help.

This game won't have a central campaign, focusing more on character stories, shorter quests or adventures and downtime driven by either player or DM, this could be related to your character's goals, seeking the murderer of a close family or friend, a rumour you heard while at the tavern of a buried ruin where a beast guards a mighty hoard, or during your downtime a conflict that arises and now you're in a race to beat a rival or find the missing ingredient to a potion.

Levelling is through XP and each player will track their own, meaning you can complete solo tasks or team up with others to take on greater tasks at the weekly game.

Read more about the three islands and the guilds here: Perditsula

To help reduce chaos please try to keep to PHB + 1 other source, this is not a hard rule but helps keep balance and ease of tracking details for both player and dm. This applies for: Race, Class, Feats, & Starting spells.
If you wish to have multiple characters all of them will start at the low end of the tier most players are in, except when taking over a retainer or follower after a character death or departure. eg. If you are level 10 with a level 7 follower and your character dies, you can if you wish turn your follower into a 7th level player character.

Level 1
Race Any listed here
Class Any listed here
Stats Standard array or point buy
Gear Normal starting gear


Lingering Injuries
25% chance of sustaining lingering injury on criticals or roll a 1 on saving throw.

Optional Content

Foraging & Brewing
Kingsmill Materia Medica (Chrome)
Kingsmill Materia Medica (Other)


Downtime activities take real time, excepting any agreed upon time skips with other players.

Human Variants
All humans gain Magical Intuition. An innate ability to tell if there is magic or undead nearby, this comes naturally as goosebumps, hair on neck and arms standing up, etc. Most do not realise what causes it but scholars and magically inclined know of this natural reaction.
Note. You cannot tell direction, distance, school, etc. only that it is there.

Includes Covanian, Oxtradian, Retonite, and now the new Perdite below.


You hail from Perditsula, a land full of untamed wilds and faltering communities. As such you gain the below traits:

  • Languages. You can speak, read, and write Common (Tsulan) and one other language.
  • Skills. You gain proficiency in Animal Handling and Persuasion.
  • Islandborn. You have advantage on saving throws involving non-magical water.

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