The Ashlem War: Moranon's Gate

Campaign 8

Setting: Ashlem Rise, 12270 | Level: 5 | Length: Short
Politics: Low | Roleplay: Medium | Combat: High
War between the Kingdom of Covania and the Crown of Oxtrad has been dragging on for six years, fighting for control of the resource rich Ashlem Rise, a once beautiful mountain range dividing the two nations. A recent skirmish has broken out in a narrow pass, you are facing down your enemy when suddenly the sky grows dark. Red lighting cracks overhead. Blinding flashes. Smell of sulfur. Screams ringing in your ears. After brief adjustment, you find yourself in an unfamiliar landscape surrounded by demonic and devilish figures. Time to fight like Hell.

Character Creation

Race All permitted
Class No Artificer class, or Gunslinger (Fighter) subclass
Origin All permitted. Prefer originate from Covania, Oxtrad, Love Accord and/or have purpose being in the War or region
Equipment Starting equipment that would have been taken into battle and a +1 weapon, wand, or armour

Extra info:
Conscription in Covania had been in place since start of the Ashlem War
Oxtrad started conscription five years after the war started (one year before campaign start)
The Love Accord was established 10 months after conscription was brought in for Oxtrad, seeing that leaders don't intend to deescalate some defectors create the Love Accord to defend civilians and wounded no matter their allegiance.(two months before campaign start)

Plot hooks

Our story opens on the start of a skirmish on the edge of an un-named Oxtradian settlement but run by the Love Accord a group of mercenaries and defectors from both sides of the War, Oxtrad forces have cleared the opening of an iron mine that collapsed amongst the recent earthquakes. Many carts of iron ore ready to be refined await inside, Oxtrad forces have shored up defences in preparation of a skirmish, as Covanian forces hope to get a hold of quick supplies. The Love Accord hold a small section of the settlement where they tend to wounded from both sides, fighting off any who try to finish off those unable to defend themselves.

Covanian Army - Garson Pass has an iron mine rumoured to hold already mined resources, just need to get in and bring it home.
Oxtradian Army - Rubble in front of an Iron mine in Garson Pass has been cleared, intel suggests Covania has learnt of this, keep watch and hold off any unknowns until iron is extracted.
Love Accord - A small medical centre open for any wounded no matter their allegiance, do not let any other than wounded and our own in.


  • 12264
    • Campaign: Land of Exilis begins
    • Covania makes first attack on Campnora Mine controlled by Oxtrad
    • Ashlem War begins
    • Oxtrad retaliates by destroying the Campnora Mine entrance
    • Multiple skirmishes begin in the region
  • 12265
    • Oxtrad retakes Nabilhime Fortress and establishes powerful defence
    • Oxtrad blocks multiple passes trapping and starving out Covanian forces
  • 12266
    • Covania razes unprotected city on Frigid Coast, killing civilians and disrupting food supply
  • 12267
    • Covania awakens and allies with an unknown dragon who takes control of Nabilhime but allows none to enter
    • Oxtrad Arcanists discover new mass production method for potions and minor enchantments
  • 12268
    • Oxtrad breach Kings Strait and attack Sunwood, Capital of Covania
    • Covania able to repel attack after large losses
  • 12269
    • Oxtrad starts conscription after large losses
  • 12270
    • Love Accord created by defectors who are sick of fighting in a War
    • Covania and Oxtrad make a push for Garson Pass,
    • Campaign: The Ashlem War: Moranon's Gate
  • 12285
    • Ashlem War ends
    • Race outlaw in Mor-Thir begins
  • 12286
    • Campaign: Promised Archipelago
    • Campaign: Land of Exilis ends
  • 12335
    • Campaign: Rise of Narkul
    • Campaign: Greyhawk Rebellion
    • Campaign: The Queen's Monsters
    • Race outlaw in Mor-Thir ends
  • 12337
    • Future Campaign: Ascension of Narkul
  • 12345
    • Campaign: City of Cinders

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