Greyhawk Rebellion

Campaign 4

Duke Thomas Rollo still saddened from his father's assassination some near two months ago is torn between the freedom and incarnation of the outlawed races living and hiding with his province of Reton, the Greyhawk Forest. The young Duke seeks guidance from local leadership who aided his father in keeping balance, the Greyhawk Rangers who seek freedom for all, and his extended family within the Reton Empire who seek to quell the outlawed races from the land.

Tensions grow as Lord Oddo Rand gathers forces in Old Tree, a small town in Mulburg Marsh near the border of the Greyhawk Forest, rumours quickly spread to Greyhawk and the outlawed communities once protected by the late Duke Federic Rollo, fears grow that his son will not follow in his father's footsteps and allow the Reton Empire to start clearing towns or try holding them back and risking war. Everyone is uneasy both fearing civil war and the massacre of thousands of outlawed.

Caelynn and Varis, two elves from the Greyhawk Rangers established a Rebellion based out of Greyhawk Keep and started forming contacts and allies to aid in the fight against the Reton Empire. Either your apart of the Rangers, they've have sought you out or you've heard that they're seeking freedom fighters to aid in the cause, or maybe another reason. No matter the reason, you find yourself at the entrance to a Keep hidden in the depths of the Greyhawk Forest, large trees impossibly close to each other, form a giant wall around the Keep and it's thriving farms as many elven rangers set up tents and equipment.

In front of you is a tall elven man, he wears a wreath of flowers upon his dirty grey hair and long green robes tattered at the edges. He carries a broom, using it as a walking stick as he approaches.

Sessions 0 to 0

Starting at level 12
Any race allowed, but in world Tieflings, Dragonborn, Changelings, Aasimar, and Dialias are outlawed through out the continent but there are a few safe havens, including the Greyhawk Forest and Eroded Archipelago.
Starting equipment

  • Normal starting equipment
  • 3 Uncommon items
  • 1 Rare item
  • 1d10*250gp
  • 1 Boon
    • A 7th level retainer (A person that stays by your side and follows your command. S&F p.72-81)
    • A 3rd level artisan (A person renown for their skill in a a trade. S&F p.82-95)
    • If you have an idea or request ask Kyle, some primers below
      • Estate/Property
      • Vital Information
      • Unique Item/Feature
      • Title, Position, Reputation

You can purchase additional equipment with starting gold from below sources

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