Vylanna forest

Vylanna forest is the central region in Oxtrad, Travelers must pass through it whenever traveling south from the capital or North from the desert.

A huge thick Forrest in the middle of Oxtrad. Temperature is still low, but the land is covered in green instead of white. The Forrest holds many many secrets and its often people get lost without a guide, Never to leave the Forrest.

It is known to snow in the forest during the winter months but the snow is never thick enough to alter routes.

Fridged Coast
On the west coast is a huge coastal city. Its primary purpose nowadays is trading with Reton and seafood supply. It is a nice city, friendly and easygoing; it has to be as it is in the trade works. You can find passage to Reton from here by boat.

Oclot Town
A large town near the Oclot berry fields. The town is primarily there for farming of the berries and distribution. It also is home to the great Hornets of Oxtrad where they are kept and farmed.

A small remote village near Ocolot town, The village is known for selling various Ocolot berry products. Its near some unknown fey influence with sightings of Fey creatures uncommonly reported.



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