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FullnameJorgan Foulswipe
ClassRogue (4)
JoinedSession 6
NameJoPlayerSmithRaceHuman MaleLevel00
AlignmentNNClassFighter (0)StatusAlive
Age00Birth1st Monday of Frostmoot
HP 00AC 00SPD 00ft. Init +0
DEX00(+0) Stealth
ProficienciesSimple Weapons

They said he was a myth.
They called him a scoundrel
a devilishly handsome scoundrel

Jorgan has one dream, to be Immortal.
But not the living forever kind, He wants to be the number 1 name in all of Reton.
He wants his name engraved upon the tower of legends.
He wants books about his adventures in every library.
Status of his greatness in every town
Status to rival the king

But all this won’t come naturally, Jorgan will have to work for it.
Jorgan left his home to achieve greatness, his dashing good looks and charming words helped him make friends quick.

Jorgan’s first adventure with friends ended in tragedy.
Encountering a black dragon guarding its treasure hord the party was decimated, Jorgan unable to do a thing frozen in fear watching his teammates leave this world. He could have saved some, maybe even all of them but all he could do was run. This event still haunts him and sometimes he will wake up screaming from the nightmares, he has never spoken about it never even written it.

Jorgan would join a party of heros into some dangerous dungeons or such and steal anything valuable before the rest of the party found it, offten offering to scout ahead so he could get to the loot first. also so he could make sure nothing like the black dragon happened again
His witty words and careful lies meant his party members never suspected a thing.
Even when he played them for fools Jorgan would offten treat his friends afterwards.
Jorgan had ways of keeping the stories in his favour after all the stories sold better then jewels.

Jorgan told grand tales of things that he did and how he was invaluable to the team leadinging them all to victory or sometimes he wouldn’t even mention other people as stories about how you single handedly slew a black dragon sounds much better.
Stealing and lieing Jorgan made his way to be a very well known name and as this happened his skills caught up with his lies.
he stopped using others for gain and started contributing actual adventures to his stories.
however if his dark past of how his coweredness got people killed it might ruin him.

Jorgan is a sucker for the female attraction, almost any lady that met his liking and gave him attention (good or bad) he would woe.
Its a common sight to see Jorgan in the bar with multiple women in his arms, drunkenly telling his stories.
He is a major flirt and always ready to save the Damael in distress

Any adventures with others he gose on now he is always trying to show off and tell them of how great he is, because if they listen they will tell thier friends of his greatness, and his status will grow.

His status is already known throughout the land of Reton, he can almost get into any party and gets rooms or drinks for free at Inns.

Someone from that black dragon encounter survived, would Jorgan even reconise her all these years later? Would he survive if the two ever crossed paths.

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