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Name Sindri Turen Player Alex Race Rock Gnome Male Level 04
Alignment LG Class Paladin (4) Status Alive
Age 00 Birth 1st Monday of Frostmoot
HP 00 AC 00 SPD 00ft. Init +0
Bonus +0 Passive 00 Join C0-S00 Leave C0-S00
STR 00(+0) Save Athletics
DEX 00(+0) Stealth
CON 00(+0)
INT 00(+0) Save
WIS 00(+0)
CHA 00(+0)
Languages Common
Proficiencies Simple Weapons

Crusader Tales of the Clean Rook
It was a peaceful day I thought, I had met some adventures on my holy travels that needed to be deeply cleansed of the foul diseases they probably carried.

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