NameRosePlayerJohnathonRaceFemale Assamir (Fallen)Level04
AlignmentNEClassFighter (4)StatusCaught in time loop
HP 28AC 16SPD 30ft. Init +2
WIS12(+1) Animal Handling, Perseption, Survival
LanguagesCommon, Celestial
ProficienciesLight Armour, Medium Armour, Heavy Armour, Simple Weapons, Martial Weapons, Shields


Rose is born

3rd Friday of Highsun 12335
Rose joined a group in hunting down a looming evil.

4th Sunday of Firewane 12335
During their travels they came across the Black Knight who was quickly slain by Rose, looking at the magnificent armour she took the armour off the body donning it. Each time after falling unconcious with the armour she became stronger.

2nd Sunday of Lowsun 12335
Rose comes into possession of Replier one of the Nine Swords of Greyhawk

3rd Monday of Redfall 12335
The group found the source of the evil, Narul, after Rose is defeated by the cult and Narkul she joins them. Ironhide and Victoria are defeated a short time later and sent to the Elemental plane of Air, Rose is sent after them to make sure they don't return.
Rose fails this task as she is defeated by the two on a floating island, and her body thrown off the edge.

Rose loses track of time while falling in the Elemental plane of Air. At an unknown time she fell through a rift in time and space.

2nd Friday of Fellnight 9726
Rose finds herself now returned to the material plane on a far off continent and in the past sets out to warn her younger self about the dangers of the armour and Narkul.

Rose parts with Replier.

4th Sunday of Firewane 12335
Rose eventually finds her younger self, but over the unknown time falling and the 2609 years of searching she became the Black Knight searching the land for Rose, eventually finding her but too late as she had forgotten her purpose only knowing that she needed to find this person. Both Roses fought, the younger winning over the older Rose. A young Rose dons the Black Knight armour

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