During early 12335 a group of adventures discovered an artifact known as the Hand of Narkul, and a plan by the Cult of Narkul to bring about his return from a nearly 1,600 year banishment. The group failed to stop the return of Lich King Narkul, the group reformed themselves into the Fellowship of the Alicorn, lead by Ironhide, a Gnome Paladin to the Goddess Ulaa, the Fellowship discovered Dyndryd’s lair, Narkul’s closest ally. After a devastating encounter killing Ironhide and resurrected as an undead servant, Delta pledged her services to Narkul in exchange for sparing the remaining members of the Fellowship. Many of the Fellowship split and went their own ways, with only Drusilia, Ray, and the Alicorn Audax returning to the Sage Heleste to continue the fight.

It is now Seedmoot 12337. First month of the year, Spring is reviving the lush green landscapes of Greyhawk, 14 months after declaring its independence from Reton. Politics between the Greyhawk Republic and the Reton Empire backed by the larger Royal Conglomerate are still tense as both sides patrol the borders slowing trade and travel between the nations but are slowly easing.

After the actions and exile of Blinding Spear a powerful group, only Tieflings remain outlawed within nations under the Conglomerate’s rule, however the damage had already been done, despite being pardoned Dragonborn, Changlings, and Aasimar are still seen as a lesser race among most of the population of the Royal Conglomerate.

Heleste has made contact with Alucard, the last known holder of the Hand of Narkul, which was attached to Sovereign when she and the hand were last seen. Sovereign is or was Narkul’s right hand1) woman and leader of the Cult of Narkul. Heleste and Lord Thomas Rollo of the Greyhawk Republic have struck a deal with the Reton Empire to allow the Fellowship to travel into Reton to investigate and stop Narkul, despite much protest by the Empire this freedom of travel also includes any Tieflings who are a member of the Fellowship.

Our story begins with the Fellowship entering Mulburg on a cool and cloudy morning one day ahead of the planned meeting with Alucard.

Pre-existing Characters are allowed.

Level 12

Class Any officially published or listed in Big List

Race Any race. However, keep in mind Tieflings, Dragonborn, Changlings, and Aasimar are seen down to within Royal Conglomerate controlled territory.

Background New or old members to the Fellowship of the Alicorn and or the Greyhawk Rebellion/Republic are preferred, but if you have a pre-existing character or unique idea, feel free and please discuss with Kyle.

Gear & Other

  • Normal starting gear
  • 5,000gp + 1d10x250gp
  • Two uncommon items
  • Any additional backstory related followers, property, extras you feel appropriate and approved by Kyle

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Ascension of Narkul
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