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Name Fenris
Race Tiefling
Gender Male
Nationality Fey-Wild

Character Information

Class Bard
Born ?
Alignment ?
Languages Common
Affiliations The Note-Worthy Guild
Welingotn Family
Profession Adventurer

Physical Description

Height 172cm \ 5.6ft
Weight 87kg \ 191ibs
Size: Medium (1×1)
Complexion: Dark Grey/Blue
Eyes: Red
Hair: Dark Navy Blue
Details: Masked Perma
Tiefling Horns


Partner: annabell1)
Father: ? (Dead)
Mother: ? (Dead)
Children: Mordica
Theion Lockheart
Filabean Lockheart


(Class A 0)
(Class B 0)
Ability Scores
Saving Throws
Acrobatics (Dex) +0 Medicine (Wis) +0
Animal Handling (Wis) +0 Nature (Int) +0
Arcana (Int) +0 Perception (Wis) +0
Athletics (Str) +0 Performance (Cha) +0
Deception (Cha) +0 Persuasion (Cha) +0
History (Int) +0 Religion (Int) +0
Insight (Wis) +0 Sleight of Hand (Dex) +0
Intimidation (Cha) +0 Stealth (Dex) +0
Investigation (Int) +0 Survival (Wis) +0


Save DCModifier
CantripsSpell 1
Spell 2
1st lvl SpellsSpell 1
Spell 2
2nd lvl SpellsSpell 1
Spell 2
3rd lvl SpellsSpell 1
Spell 2
4th lvl SpellsSpell 1
Spell 2
5th lvl SpellsSpell 1
Spell 2
6th lvl SpellsSpell 1
Spell 2
7th lvl SpellsSpell 1
Spell 2
8th lvl SpellsSpell 1
Spell 2
9th lvl SpellsSpell 1
Spell 2

Spell Slots

1st lvl2nd lvl3rd lvl
4th lvl5th lvl6th lvl
7th lvl8th lvl9th lvl

Fenris grew among the Feywild, learning the ways of the Fey. Though he had horns instead of wings, he was treated as kin throughout the lands. It was not his appearance that rose him to fame, but his love for music and entertainment. In banquets and balls, Fenris would be centre stage, serenading the crowds well into the night, learning new ways to amuse and delight. He entertained into his teens, until the the Queen and King grew bored of his routines. Obsessed with the need to be admired, Fenris searched for new ways to entertain, discovering he had an affinity with necromancy. He raised skeletons and taught them to sing along with him. Would practice beyond the waking hours into the next day. when he finally grew confident enough that he had a crew he begged his parents to perform at their next banquet. They reluctantly agreed, not knowing this would be their last.

Bored of the usual human baby stolen from the lands beyond the feywild, the Queen and King demanded a new variety of child to distract them from their own infertility. It did not take the scouts long to find an infant that made the royal family grin. Black skin, small horns and 2 sets of eyes.

“ All they desired was a cure?”
“ Yes my Queen. It was a particularly deadly disease. The male tiefling would have given anything to save his lady.”
“ I would say his debt is well and truly paid. Does this little one have a name? ”
“ No my Queen, the mother had not seen him yet lest given him a name”
“ I shall name him Fenris”

The banquet was held in honour of anew arrival. A new babe, more exotic than Fenris . Even though he played his heart out , the newcomer had his parents full attention. The spotlight faded, making Fenris upsettingly jealous. He summoned a undead fueled by his hatred, and too powerful for him to control. It slayed the babe ,his parents and those attending, gorging itself until it slept and returned to the earth.

No witnesses remained so Fenris was casted out of the Feywild by Sidereal Vizier himself. A permanent metal mask sealed on his face causing extreme pain if he ever got close to any Fey . Despite the pain , he strives to get back into the Feywilds. He wonders the lands searching for a way back in.

Fenris, also known as Death's Composer , is skilled Musician from the Feywild. His morbid fascination with necromancing his own band in his performance has made him infamous in many lands. But there are plenty of people wanting to see what the darker side has to offer, Such a taboo performance attracts all kinds, he has scores of fans who are dying to see his performances.

He currently, under a secret contract , resides alongside a very powerful Druid by the name of Ozrelia.
After giving the Druid a few Children Ozrelia got bored and let Fenris go, Or he escaped and Ozrelia didn't want to spend the energy chasing him. Free once again he sets his sights on his next squeeze.

Fenris' Deathly Symphony
Fenris, orchestrates a concert like no other, reserved exclusively for Halloween night. As the eager crowd fills the concert hall, they anticipate a spine-tingling performance beyond their wildest nightmares. Once the performance begins , the doors are sealed shut, and no one is allowed to exit.

With a chilling melody, Fenris takes the stage, accompanied by his skeletal orchestra, their bony fingers creating haunting music. However, the audience is unaware that the performance is more than just a show. Slowly they are enveloped in a gas that induces a peaceful demise,

The second act, named “Rave in the Grave,” commences as Fenris exercises his necromantic abilities. The lifeless bodies of the audience members are reanimated and compelled to dance at his command. They follow his sinister orders to wreak havoc on the town, turning it into a ghost one .

By the time the dawn breaks, No one but Fenris is left alive , its inhabitants forever lost. Fenris has accumulated enough bodies to sustain his unnerving performances for some time, weaving a dark and deadly legacy with each sinister encore.





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