Alucard's Friend

Meetings & Marsh Session 1
Four individuals gather at Bharzut's Inn in the town of Mulburg to meet with Burldries leader of a group calling themselves Order of the Lost Keep. They've each been contracted for a lucrative job but before details are given, Burldries needs to test the group to ensure they can get a job done. With haste the group set out into the marsh to find a magic workshop, they reach the workshop and find no one around.

Workshop & Information Session 2
After a harrowing encounter with an awakened tree and shambling mound Pheonix and Medrash are joined by Fenris, Annabell, and Karg, the new party then clears their way through to an upper level where they find the sentient workshop has transferred it's being into a makeshift automaton. Tensions are initially high but the group convinces the construct to travel back to town.

Jobs & Hunting Session 3
Before returning to the town of Mulburg the group makes a detour to a campsite set up by the Order of the Lost Keep, where they meet Beldrith, Akzer, and Happy all apart of the Order, after introductions and a hunting trip Burldries enters the camp with Amari, a tense stand off follows as Amari and Fenris try to hold claim of the construct. Pressure is slowly released and a deal is reached, with all sides in agreement Amari pays the group and leaves camp with the automaton.
Burldries then puts forward the main contract, retrieve the Hand of Narkul, providing two leads to follow; Alucard who was the last person known to be holding Sovereign captive, and the Fellowship of the Alicorn, a group set on finding and banishing the Lich King Narkul. Annabell takes the lead by introducing herself to Alucard and after some discussion part ways.

Day of Preparation Session 4
The group starts to form a plan to confront Alucard, Annabell gathers unwilling souls for added back up, Fenris finding information that the staff have been given a few days of leave, Karg investigating potential alternate entry points and trappings, Medrash checks his boot size against the door (looks kickable), and Pheonix receives a gift from a friend.

Alucard's Manor Session 5
The group kick down the doors to Alucard's Manor where they find him expecting their return, after some discussion and confirmations of Soverign's status, the group had enough of Alucard's politics and deals attacking him but falling short, Alucard holds off from killing the group and lets them flee.

? Session 6

Chapter 2

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