Beastheart. Thief. Animal Lover.
Pale-green skinned male Half-Orc. Messy dark-brown hair roughly tied up in a ponytail yet clean shaven. Clothes are often ragged and either self-repaired or patched together. Karg tries to live by society's rules, but his Beastheart connection to Zippy makes it difficult. His criminal history, feral outlook and random bursts of energy combine to make it hard to play by the rules.


Character Information

Class Beastheart (5)
Born 3rd Thursday of Reapwane 12303
Alignment True Neutral
Languages Common
Family Gunzar (Orc Father)
Elsma (Human Mother)
Faith None
Profession Thief (12313-12337)
Bodyguard (12320-12321)
Tavern Bouncer (12324)
Adventurer (12326-12337)

Physical Description



(Beastheart 5)
Ability Scores
Saving Throws
Acrobatics (Dex) +4 Medicine (Wis) +3
Animal Handling (Wis) +9 Nature (Int) +0
Arcana (Int) +0 Perception (Wis) +6
Athletics (Str) +6 Performance (Cha) -1
Deception (Cha) +0? Persuasion (Cha) -1
History (Int) +0 Religion (Int) +0
Insight (Wis) +3 Sleight of Hand (Dex) +1
Intimidation (Cha) +2 Stealth (Dex) +7
Investigation (Int) +0 Survival (Wis) +6


Save DCModifier
CantripsSpell 1
Spell 2
1st lvl SpellsSpell 1
Spell 2
2nd lvl SpellsSpell 1
Spell 2
3rd lvl SpellsSpell 1
Spell 2
4th lvl SpellsSpell 1
Spell 2
5th lvl SpellsSpell 1
Spell 2
6th lvl SpellsSpell 1
Spell 2
7th lvl SpellsSpell 1
Spell 2
8th lvl SpellsSpell 1
Spell 2
9th lvl SpellsSpell 1
Spell 2

Spell Slots

1st lvl2nd lvl3rd lvl
4th lvl5th lvl6th lvl
7th lvl8th lvl9th lvl

Born in 12303, Karg was conceived in the Sera Sand-Sea. His father is Gunzar the Sand-Smasher, an Orc Chieftain that lead a large bandit tribe, and his mother was Elsma, a human kidnapped by the bandit group.

Karg spent the first few years of his life in the tribe but was looked down upon due to his mother being an outsider of the tribe and he was forced to live and work with the other slaves.
By giving birth to the Chieftain's child, Elsma was offered the chance to join the tribe along with Karg, albeit as low ranking members of the group, but because of her pride, Elsma refused. In response, Gunzar ordered both Karg and Elsma to be killed. Upon hearing this, Elsma came up with a plan to use Karg as a distraction in order to escape herself. She told him that she would make a distraction and that they would meet again away from the camp, but the plan backfired and she was caught while Karg managed to escape.

Due to his young age and lack of survival experience, Karg didn't make it far before passing out due to exhaustion and a lack of food. As he slept, he was saved by a stranger who took him in and helped Karg recover. The Stranger, a Male Elf known as Admaris, began training Karg to hunt and live with the wildlife away from civilisation. Over the next several years Karg would become stronger and faster, and began to recognise the value in strength and being able to work in a group. This however, came at the cost of his ability to live civilised as he only interacted with animals and Admaris, who only taught him the basics of the world. Once Karg was 10 years old, the stranger sent him out into the world to follow his own path.

As his hatred towards Gunzar grew over the years, Karg decided he needed help from others in order to hunt down his father's bandit tribe. Due to his upbringing, Karg found it difficult to form bonds with others and ultimately decided it would be easier to hire others instead. Once again, his lack of social grace lead to him not being able to find a decent paying job and with Zippy's help, began stealing to make up the money. Despite the skills he developed under, outside factors like bad luck and unfortunate timing resulted in several attempts going poorly and leading to frequent run-ins with the law and Karg developing a poor reputation. This poor reputation made it difficult to find allies and reliable jobs, forcing Karg to constantly use what little money he was able to steal.

Karg would eventually hear of a unconventional opportunity with Burldries, one that he would have normally avoided if he hadn't suffered a larger-than-normal run of bad luck, and has decided to risk it and try and get ahead.


  • Gain enough money to build an army and attack his father
  • Acquire better equipment, preferably gear for dealing with magic or improving defenses.
  • Determine if the other party members are trustworthy or not.

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