Greyhawk Rebellion

Motto “Every hand helps” 1)
Location Greyhawk
Leaders View
Estate(s) Greyhawk Keep
Formed 1st Monday of Reapwane 12335
Leaders Lord
Commanders Managers Retainers
Units/Troops Artisians
Greyhawk Rebellion Ranks
Lord Thomas Rollo
Leaders Esmae
Retainers2) Shavari (Level 7 Troubadour-warrior)
Kriv (Level 7 Tracker)
Commanders Caelynn (The Pointed Arrows)
Riker (Generation Fighters)
Roland Gabriel (The Myriad)
Val (Asmodeus' Worthy)
Hope (The Hopeful)
Yirjul (Flying Fangs)
Managers Varis - Elven Ambassador
Heleste (Level 3 Sage)
Artisians Ray & Torm Farmers
teostra (Level 3 Spy)
Elmyra Liacan (Level 1 Scribe)

The rank of Lord is primarily used to give the movement a clear voice and face

Greyhawk Rangers

Lus A changeling in disguise as a Tiefling who helped build the Pariah District in Whitkin and now allied with the Rebellion is helping move and establish a new community at Greyhawk Keep


0 0 2375 0
Torm (Farmer)100g
Ray (Farmer)100g
Gunsmith (Establishment)1,000g

Units & Strongholds

Unit Commander Stronghold Location Size Upkeep
The Pointed Arrows Caelynn Greyhawk Keep Ruststille d6 (6) 378g
Generation Fighters Riker Greyhawk Keep Ruststille d4 (2) 225g
The Myriad Roland Gabriel Greyhawk Keep Ruststille d4 (4) 199g
Asmodeus' Worthy Val Greyhawk Keep Ruststille d4 (4) 236g
The Hopeful Hope Pinga's Monastery Ruststille d4 (4) 179g
Flying Dragonborn Yirjul Pinga's Monastery Ruststille d4 (4) 344g
Location Type Owner Size Notes
Greyhawk Keep Keep Ironhide / Drusilia d8 (4/8) Upgrade to be complete 3rd Friday of Deepsnow
Establishment M'aiq - Building to be complete 2nd Friday of Deepsnow
Pinga's Monastery Keep Riza d6 (2/6) Building to be complete 1st Friday of Frostwane

No, a bucket of hands doesn't help
S&F 69-81
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