Varis Hanali

Player Kyle
Name Varis
Race High Elf
Gender Male
Nationality Retonite

Character Information

Class Druid
Born 3rd Tuesday of Lowsun 12217
Alignment True Neutral
Languages Common
Family Kolvar (Father)
Dilya (Mother)
Affiliations Greyhawk Rangers
Greyhawk Rebellion
Faith Wild Mother
Profession Ranger (12337-)
Ambassador (12335-12337)
Ranger (???-12335)

Physical Description

Height 180cm
Weight 90kg
Skin Pale
Eyes Bright blue with a deep gold rim
Hair Dirty silver/white


Story Role
Greyhawk Rebellion PC1) NPC2)





Spell Slots


Wild Shape


Druid, Protector, Hippie.

Male High Elf long dirty silver hair, not sure if because it's unclean or natural colour, he wears a headband made of flowers and wears long flowing green robes that's tattered along the edges, he has no shoes and carries a flying broom as a walking stick.

Orpahned at a young age, travelled the underdark, and has hemophobia3). See also the story of Caelynn & Varis

Varis along side Caelynn begin the formation of the Rebellion. Varis taking up a diplomatic role and aiding with finding members. Once leadership roles were established Varis became the Elven Ambassador for the Rebellion. After a short burst of conflicts the Rebellion successfully claimed control over the Greyhawk region of Reton, Varis maintained his role as Ambassador while treaties and deals between Greyhawk and Reton were being made.

Post-Greyhawk Rebellion

After the establishment of Greyhawk, Varis returned to the Rangers citing that “War, diplomacy, way too stressful and bloody. I just want to chill, you know?” He now lives a quiet life tending to the lands of Greyhawk. He is occasionally called upon by Lord Thomas Rollo when needed but solely as an advisor.

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