Player Kyle
Name Aldrun
Race Half-Orc
Gender Male
Nationality Covanian

Character Information

Class Fighter
Born Winter 11801
Alignment Neutral Good
Languages Common
Family Unknown (Father)
Orc (Mother)
Faith Gruumsh One-eye
Profession Adventurer (12335-)
Dead (11826-12335)
Folk Hero (11816-11826)

Physical Description

Height Tall
Weight Heavy
Skin Faded Green (Alive)
Metal (Undead)
Eyes Brown (Alive)
None (Undead)
Hair None (Alive/Dead)


Story Role
Mighty Tales of Aldrun Main Character
The Queen's Monsters Player Character



Fighter, Slayer, Unworthy.

Aldrun Slayer of Fiends, From his birth in his mother’s camp, she brought Aldrun up on traditional Orcish values such as the strength of family, and the glory of battle. In his teenage years he left to find his Human father as he felt he didn’t fit in with the other full-blooded Orcs and wasn’t as tough as them.

During his travels he found similar experiences in Human settlements, but unlike the Orc camp here he was the strongest and could do the jobs the common folk could not, eventually becoming a folk hero known throughout the local area as a trustworthy and reliable for dispatching beasts and fiends that threatened the settlements gaining his most prized possession, the title “Slayer of Fiends”, felling larger and tougher beasts seeking one to match him in his growing power, Aldrun also helped common folk with routine transport and escorts, taking favour in helping elderly gather firewood as harsh winters set in.

Because of his lack of intelligence and wisdom many sought him out as cheap labour or an easy target to overcharge, however his natural charisma and stature often helped when other saw the wrong doings and help Aldrun get a fair pay and price. Soon he gained his second most prized possession, Rebutter, a Sword of Greyhawk from a local artifact collector who fell ill and wanted to his collection to go to people that deserved them. With this sword Aldrun’s power grew further as did the fiends in his contracts but none unable to fell him.

A just over a decade had passed since Aldrun first left his camp, being unable to find his father, instead focussing on those he could find and help, and seeking a worthy opponent or beast to challenge him to have a glorious death if it were to come to it. Unfortunately, one fateful Autumn while travelling a remote path between two tiny villages a tree branch fell knocking Aldrun out, and in a turn of worse luck fell face first into a puddle of water where he drowned.

See also the Mighty Tales of Aldrun, a narrative telling of Aldrun's adventures during his mortal life.

509 years later he has been risen by Queen Wellington of Oxtrad to do her bidding, Aldrun finds his body gone and his soul bound to the suit of armour he died in, now he must seek a worthy foe to fell him and redeem his misfortune so he can then return to the afterlife in peace knowing he had a worthy and glorious death.


Title: Slayer of fiends

Sword of Grehawk (Rebutter)
+3 Longsword 1d8+3 (Versatile 1d10+3)
Rebutter is the NG sword of Greyhawk with a topaz as its hilt. While attuned to a sword of Greyhawk with the same alignment as you, you gain a +3 bonus to attack and damage rolls made with this sword. In addition, while you hold the sword, you can use your reaction to make 1 melee attack with it against any creature in your reach that deals damage to you. You have advantage on the attack roll, and any damage dealt with this special attack ignores any damage immunity or resistance the target has.

Mirror Mail
AC 16 - Heavy, Dis.Stealth

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