Reton Empire

Captial Reton Keep
Largest City Dragon Hold
National Languages Common (Armtonese)
Religion Various
Demonym(s) Retonite
Government Monarchy
Solomon Walterus (12288- )
Raimund Garreton (12202-12288)
Various (10801-12202)
Emeline Garreton (10653-10801)
Formation 10653 Coup of Armton Dynasty
12288 King Solomon usurps Emperor Raimund
Population Total 250,000 More

Reton, officially known as the Reton Empire.

Blue background with a 6 pointed star in the center, each point representing each region of Reton and the blue being the seas surrounding the land.

When used on shields, pins and stamps just the 6 pointed star is used, typically in white but when used on a white background a blue trim is used

Formally known as The Reach up until the fall of the Armton Dynasty ruled by King Dauthos Armton. The Garreton family who lead the felling of the Dynasty established themselves as the Reton Empire and renaming The Reach to Reton. The next few years they endeavoured to hide the turth of the Armton Dynasty and King Dauthos.

10653 King Dauthos Armton and the Armton Dynasty is overthrown and the Garreton family takes over The Reach renaming it to Reton and establishing the Reton Empire. Emeline takes the throne becoming Emperess Emeline Garreton, First Emperess of Reton.

12288 Reton Empire joins the Royal Conglomerate. Solomon Walterus becomes King, replacing Emperor Raimund Garreton. Nobility from Covania most notably the Walterus family and the Rand family take positions of power throughout Reton under guise of political envoys.

12335 The death of Duke Federic Rollo who was keeping the outlawed races off any records and documents in Greyhawk to keep them safe gives Prince Oddo Rand to start moving his army south to clear the cities and towns of any outlawed. Federic's son, Thomas took over his father's role as Duke.

Reton is on the west coast of Mor-Thir and is mostly surrounded by water except for a small border with Covania. Reton is ruled by the Reton Empire which was forced into a large alliance called the Royal Conglomerate during this time King Solomon came into power and outlawed Tieflings and Dialias although the initial outlawing and executions was horrific some families managed to pay off local guards and officials to hide their lives from the Empire

King Solomon Walterus Queen Matilda Walterus
Prince Oddo Rand Prince Michel Walterus
Duke Renard Walterus Duchess Rosa Lawson Duchess Margaret Rollo
Duke Nygell Rand Greyhawk Unknown Mulburg Neville Walterus

King Solomon Walterus the Righteous
Queen Matilda Walterus the Fair

Prince Oddo Rand the Honorable (Hollow Cliffs, Mulburg & Greyhawk)
Prince Michel Walterus the Valiant (Archipelago, Wyncook, Carlfell)

Unknown (Greyhawk)
Duke Nygell Rand of West Watch (Hollow Cliffs)
Duke Neville Walterus of Mulburg (Mulburg)
Duke Renard Walterus of Dragon Hold (Carfell)
Duchess Rosa Lawson of Tottenham (Wyncook)
Duchess Margaret Rollo of Ceruleadrift (Archipelago)

King/Queen - Nation
Prince/Princess - Multiple regions
Duke/Duchess - Region
Lord/Lady - Town

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