Dr. Silvester

* shing * * whimper * The last sounds he remembered from his death.

Alive, Sylvester Rodes was a passionate doctor who was loved by the families he travelled to. He spent his life travelling to outlawed raced communities around the map, risking his life to aid the sick and wounded who otherwise could find no medical help elsewhere.

Taught by his masters, Monks of Kanis, Sylvester learnt his medical skills and the way of Mercy through rigorous training and endless nights of studying. He carries a Wolf Skull from the monastery to protect his identity, as well as protective leather gloves, boots and fine robe.

Standing on his hind legs ,Sylvester was tall, sleek and muscular. His prefered combat method was striking weak points of bodies, and he prefered to avoid unnecessary killing when possible.

Sylvester lost his life during an Corvanian raid on an lizard folk settlement in the Marshes. Protecting patients lives in a makeshift hospital he fought until he could no more. Outnumbered, he was seized and beheaded for treason. His head taken away with them as a trophy.

Undead Headless

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Player Ida Race Headless Undead
Level 05 Class Class (Monk)
Alignment Neautral Good Death Saving 0-Successes 0-Fails
Hit Points 28 Passive Perception 12 - Insight 17
AC 11 Birth
Speed 25ft. Hit Dice
Initiative +1 Hit Dice Used 00
Bouns +? Hit Dice Total 1d8
Age 35 Join C0-S00
Status Text Leave C0-S00
Strength Dexterity Constitution Intelligence Wisdom Charisma
12(+1) 16 (+3) 12(+1) 14(+2) 16(+2) 10(+0)
save save save save save save
Prof Skill Mod Prof Skill Mod
Proficient Acrobatics 0 Text Medicine 1
Expertise Animal Handling 0 Text Nature 0
Text Arcana 0 Text Perception 0
Text Athletics 0 Text Performance 0
Text Deception 0 Text Persuasion 0
Text History 0 Text Religion 0
Text Insight 1 Text Sleight of Hand 0
Text Intimidation 0 Text Stealth 0
Text Investigation 0 Text Survival 0
Languages Text
Feats Text
Proficiencies Text
Expertise Text
Tool Proficiencies Text
Spell Casting Ability WIS/INT/CHA
Save DC 00 Modifier +00
Level Slots Spells
Cantrip - Firebolt
1st 0
2nd 0
3rd 0
4th 0
5th 0
6th 0
7th 0
8th 0
9th 0
Platinum Gold Silver Copper
0 0 0 0
Item Stats
Item Stats
Item Detail

Artifact: Faust : https://www.dandwiki.com/wiki/Faust_(5e_Equipment)

1 minor beneficial property:

1 major detrimental property:

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