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Campaign 3: Lights in Exilis

Session Title Summary
1 Setting Sail The party all arrive in the wrong place at the right time, each one joins Captain Delta's crew for their own reasons. setting sail for the new world. the ship comes under attack but is easily defeated by the crew. in the dead of night the ship is attacked by a kraken dragon and destroyed sending the entire crew into the ocean. our party wakes up on a train in a strange and sinister new land as they try to understand where they are as gears of fate start turning.
2 Lights Dwindling lanterns The Party have learned the gravity of thier situation, in a strange unforgiving land shared by ancient evil and old gods alike. the party work in thier boot taking a job or two. otherwise failing the job they do learn of a lead and make for the capital. the journey is tense but uneventful as they meet bandits and have a first look at an old God. they arive in the city of Valefor after a few days trip.
3 Journey for Answers The Party head off to the capital following thier strongest lead. they eventually end up in the city of valefor
4 The Broken Sea Spire The party is given an important mission to find the goblin they had originally captured on the seas, it leads them to a place very few tread.
5 Gears Turning The party survive the ordeals in the spire and turn in thier quest, getting another lead and heading off to the church of the crawler. they end up in a pickle then meeting a librarian
6 The City of Promise The Party find themselves in a brilliant city of hopes and desiers. but end up destroying it.
7 Broken Gears
10 End Game
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